Monday, June 24, 2019

Kai Orion creates an organic distillery of experimental sounds that feels trippy and timeless- hear "Tiny World"

Tiny World by Kai Orion built on an engine of percussive flute puffs, bass grooves, deep organ swells, cagey guitar, almost calypso side shifts falls away into big eruptions of psyche rock pushed up front by Orion's full throated big vox. His vocal performance is at once self aware but also seasoned and confident in it's earnest approach. The whole aesthetic feels like a kind of world blend distilled into this kind of forever classic garden rock. Like something that would of felt perfectly in place at the original Woodstock right before or after Ritchie Havens' organically amazing set. 

Currently based out of Washington, DC and originally from Maryland, Kai Orion pushes the experimental side of things working with frequent collaborators, zack be, alexander gallows, mike hauser and the radiographers.

Robb Donker


Kai Orion’s ability to marry wildly inventive ideas with accessible, intelligent songwriting has earned him praise throughout his young career. His debut found-sound pop album “Pots & Pans” was called “without question, the most ambitious record of 2015” by the Frederick News Post, and in 2014 he won a nationwide cover contest held by indie rock band The National for his cover of their song “I Need My Girl,” using kitchen objects to accompany his voice. That video was featured on The National’s website for several months. Whether he’s playing a lawnmower or a flute, it’s the sincerity of Orion’s music that sets him apart.

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