Sunday, June 9, 2019

Phourist and The Photons' big ballad "Tired Of My Medication" leaves you wanting more

The sweet and salty Tired Of My Medication by the dream inducing Phourist and the Photons off of the latest album "We're All Born Screaming" is a emotional and cagey big ballad steeped in acoustic piano and singer-songwriter Nick Phourist Hill's evocative vocal performance. Hill's vox that feel wide eyed and harried are dramatic and ride on top of raw feelings (at least that is what I am feeling). Hill's performance is anything but understated... he not only wears his heart on his sleeve but wears it like a heavy wool overcoat. Once the song ends... once the runaway melodies slow down to a soft landing you not only want to hear it again but you intently want to know the back story and that says a lot. 

Phourist and the Photons are based out of Louisville, Kentucky and are Nick Pourist Hill (vocals, piano, songwriting), Justin Perez (bass - other), Andrew Critchlow (guitar) and Scott Boice (drums, percussion).

Robb Donker


Phourist and The Photons is known for its non-linear songcraft which includes winding musical passages, and adventurous arrangements flanking undeniable pop-rock hooks. Previously, the quartet has issued one album, but We're All Born Screaming represents the first album of the band’s current and stable lineup. Phourist and the Photons is Nick Phourist Hill, vocals, piano, guitar, songwriting; Justin Perez, bass, various other musical contributions; and Andrew Critchelow guitar, textures; and Scott Boice, drums, percussion.
Though he prefers to keep his artistic intentions close to his vest, Nick does reveal his thoughts surrounding the band’s name. “I like that it has a nerdy sci-fi vibe, and an old school ‘Buddy Holly & The Crickets’ thing to it. I also love a good alliteration,” he says.
We're All Born Screaming offers forth a user-friendly edition of Phourist and the Photons. Here, the band’s prog-rock tendencies are tempered by sharp pop tunesmithing, and the tunes are more viscerally emotive. The nine-song album traverses intimate piano ballads, atmospheric acoustic singer-songwriter territory, dreamy indie rock, and brawny blues riffage.
Nick is optimistic about the future of Phourist and The Photons because the band has an upcoming tour booked for spring 2019, a new record written, and, finally, a stable lineup. On what has finally solidified band personnel Nick shares: “We all have the same Myers Briggs personality, INFP. We almost changed the name of the band to that!”

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