Sunday, June 9, 2019

"Wanna Be A Woman" by Angela Aux is a beautiful fluffy piece of inspired folk rock drenched pop for the ages

Wanna Be A Woman by Angela Aux (based out of Germany) is a beautiful fluffy piece of inspired pop with tinges of tropical punk sounds and maybe late 60's chamber pop. It is free and easy, with lovely horns, harmonies, acoustic guitars, bass, drums all married in this wonderful folk rock (garden rock) sway. Put Aux's easy pushed vox and you have something for the ages. It does sound timeless and it feels so embracing.

I love that it sound kind of like a Mentos commercial and a lovely tribute song at a funeral at the same time. And I love that it is a song that American VP Mike Pence would love until he listened closely...

Rock on Angela Aux.

Robb Donker


angela aux is a bird on a wire. in future days he could have been a sailor either/or a cook. mainly he's up for folk, krautrock and experimental music, somewhere among parties all tomorrows never got to know. when the ship comes around he'll be counting speech bubbles somewhere out in the forcefields. who could win a rabbit while living on a dirty road all of his life? we need someone or something new: the fear of error is error itself.

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