Saturday, June 8, 2019

"The Fellowship" by Benedikt based out of Norway feels lovely yet dark, dark yet enlightening, enlightening yet...

The Fellowship by Benedikt based out of Norway feels intimate but also feels a bit sideways and dark when off kilter tones and an almost industrial barrage of sounds push against your eardrums. The production give the beautiful sounding track something that could possibly make the complex poetic lyrics sardonic, at least that is how the production twisted the emotions in my head. Interesting, unique and lovely at the same time. Blenedikt as a musical project grew out of Hans Olav Settems' solo project at the time growing eventually into a 9 piece indie folk collective that has been working on their debut album since 2013. The members are spread all across Norway making for a slow yet ever so steady creative process. 

The debut album "Communal Work" is "about destructive friendships and realizing you're not young and promising anymore. It's like Britney Spear's I'm Not a Girl, Not yet a Woman but with banjos."

Robb Donker

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