Saturday, June 8, 2019

The mind bending "Read A Book" from Erin Vadala and her brother Charles Vadala and their band full length "Tell Me I'm Wrong"

When I first heard the surprising and artistically audacious Read A Book by Erin Vadala and her brother Charles Vadala and their band, (yes, that is literally the "band" of this musical project) I was quite stunned. I mean the song starts off with some kind of art rock toned piano but moments in Erin's vocal performance pushes though lyrics that feels like something between satire or a metaphorical manifesto or both. To top off those dizzying emotions- as the piano, drumwork, flute led orchestrated art rock / prog / jazz improv and Erin's incredible pipes kicked in, the song mind fucks you further pushing spectacular extremely beautiful yet over the top melodies into a whirlwind of tones. It erupts, transforms into a cacophony of sounds. To me, the lyrics, that heretofore felt audacious take a step back and become a mantric device and the orchestration of sounds and vocal performance becomes the thing.... until in ends.... "I said fuck all this fucking shit."

I still haven't quite figured out the song's meaning or aesthetic but it is... is a wild interesting ride from such young talented people. Based out of Boston, Erin Vadala and her brother Charles Vadala and their band have recently released a 12 track full length album called "Tell Me I'm Wrong" up on Bandcamp. Like Read A Book, the album contains songs that run down rabbit holes like the effervescent jazz / rock proggy Dolly which feels like a kind of complex emotionally torn version of a Bond film chamber pop theme or the dissonant turned Gray Seas which feels like baroque pop pushed through horror pop filters (I thought of Amanda Palmer a bit) or the almost jazz pop meets Broadway-esque (turned on it's head) Three Questions. Down the rabbit hole alright-- bloody vive la diffĂ©rence Kudos. 

Robb Donker


At 17 years old, Erin Vadala’s stunning compositions dance around the boundaries of genre. She started as a solo-artist, but the project took new form when joined by her brother, Charles Vadala, who provides colorful piano playing and string arrangements. Together they sought out the final pieces to their band: violins, drums, and bass. The electric and dynamic chemistry among the band members creates an excitement for both the performers and audience simultaneously. Though they are in their early stages as a band, they have extensive education and experience as musicians and performers, and have dazzled audiences at house shows, community events and small venues. 

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