Saturday, July 6, 2019

On "Steel Hearts" by Melbourne born / Boston Based singer songwriter Kiki purges pure pop

Melbourne born and Boston based Kiki pours out her young heart on the spartan indie pop track Steel Hearts. Along the way she blends in honest revelations and while she sometimes also stirs in some pop tropes, her vocal performance feels pure and engaging as she sings about sacrificing one kind of love to not destroy another. The simple, yet almost retro sound of the backing keys has a kind of 80's chamber pop sound that lends to the allure or maybe that has to do more with binging on "Stranger Things" but, no... there is a sound here that hearkens back to more innocent times. 

Press notes show that Steel Hearts is about: 

...holding back your feelings and turning off your heart when you like a good friend. The lyrics also touch on anxiety and the habits that come with it (such as peeling the skin on your hands or biting your fingernails).

I can't help but applaud any artist who puts out cathartic work during these times. Times when there are stresses all around you and too many places to view them. 

Robb Donker

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