Saturday, July 6, 2019

Tim Carr's "Green, Sky Blue & Crystalline" is romance on high and it is beautiful

Tim Carr's embracing beautiful track Green, Sky Blue & Crystalline isn't afraid to wear it's romance, not only on it's sleeve, but as a coat with angel wings. Floating on seductive drums and musical down beats with Carr's expressively sad, yet hopeful guitar lines, Carr imbues the vocal performance with an understated, natural loveliness. 

Carr is an L.A. based singer, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, raised in Marin County, Northern California surrounded by a family musicians. He probably could not help to become an artist. Lucky for us all. 

Robb Donker


TIM CARR is a Los Angeles based singer, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His music is a stunning mix of instrumental interludes, and experimental pop songs inspired by African rhythms, melodies of the French Romantics and 60s soul.
Raised in Marin County, Northern California, Carr was surrounded by a family of musicians. At an early age he immersed himself into music and studied Jazz drums at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts. In college he began working with The Americans and HAIM, which led to performing with notable acts such as Lucinda Williams, Devendra Banhart, Julian Casablancas, and Nick Cave. His time with the band The Americans saw him performing on Letterman, recording with T Bone Burnett, as well as being featured in the Emmy-nominated documentaryAmerican Epic, which was produced by T Bone Burnett, Jack White and Robert Redford.
Carr’s EP Swing & Turnis the follow up to his 2016 release The Last Day of Fightingwhich found success being featured on Robert Redford’s ‘Watershed’ soundtrack, alongside the likes of Beck and Thom Yorke. Swing & Turn is titled after the feeling of movement, like a dance between intimacy and independence, which is also a common theme in the music. Having mixed, produced and engineered the five track release himself, Swing & Turn is the perfect balance of dissonance and consonance, with unexpected swelling harmonies, lilting rhythms and minimalistic pop. “I like when there is a brokenness mixed with a sweet melody”, reveals Carr. With his desire to inspire creativity, experimentation and individuality, Carr is delivering audiences with moments of escapism. Swing & Turn was released in the fall of 2018.

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