Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Rick Moon's stars in your eyes "Deadline" and bonus (Official) video for "Cracker Jack" from the "Electric Lunch" album shines

Get ready to swing with stars in your eyes. Deadline from singer-songwriter, musician, producer Rick Moon and, from his just released "Electric Lunch" album, is certifiably fresh but also tonally a throwback to early 70's Brit pop (art pop) and the glam rock sounds of T.Rex. Moon stirs in thicker production flourishes and 50's downbeats making me think of Be Bop Deluxe and E.L.O as well. This is a particularly artistic (and lovely) piece of the musical pie that sparkles from beacons of light from some nearby glitter ball or glittery pants and has always been the kind of sound that, while might have reflections of pain in between the lines, is for the most part a celebratory slice of being different and yourself.

See the bonus piece of pie below, the Official Video for Moon's more dark, yet dreamy cagey rocker Cracker Jack (Directed by Nick County - Shot and edited by Jorge Graupera). So awesome.

Robb Donker


Rick Moon is a musician, singer -songwriter and producer born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, currently living in Miami, Florida.
Moon's music is a universe on it's own often reflecting his lifelong passion for British pop– from the Beatles to XTC. He has written two EP's: Tired of Sleeping and Cottage Scenes that were heavily influenced by post-addiction recovery. With tender ballads, confessionals, power-pop and folk rock he's a contemporary mixture Grizzly Bear and Harry Nilsson.
Third single from album "Electric Lunch" Deadline is modern day T.Rex and Electric Light Orchestra with lush cinematic instrumentation paired with highly infectious vocals.

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