Thursday, August 1, 2019

Sun Blood Stories' heavy as Hell "Up Comes The Tunnel" is bloody delicious

Up Comes The Tunnel by Sun Blood Stories starts off with almost otherworldly sounds and deep hushed vocals. The effect is trippy, maybe even a bit creepy and dangerous signalling that we are not in Kansas anymore.... no... but maybe in Boise, Idaho which is where the band, consisting of Jon Fust, Amber Pollard and Ben Kirby are based out of. They are not from some fog shrouded wooded other world but their sound, their aesthetic, cut and blended with big post punk tones, slices of heavy metal blues rock and dripping with horror pop and psychedelia in such a delicious and, dare I say, deadly way. Love the evocative tones, the boy / girl vox and levels of textures exhibited in all it audacious glory so much. It is so weird but as I listened to Up Comes The Tunnel I thought of artists like Led Zeppelin, Ty Segall, The Doors and King Crimson all at once. 

How wonderful is that?

Up Comes the Tunnel is the first single off of Sun Blood Stories’ new album, "Haunt Yourself", dropping September 20th, 2019.

Robb Donker


Sun Blood Stories is based out of Boise, ID and was originally the stage name for founding member, Ben Kirby’s, solo project. After a years long, sedulous refining process, Sun Blood Stories has refined itself in to three core members: Jon Fust, Amber Pollard, and Ben Kirby. The trio’s high desert rock is a mass of harmonic noise distilled into occasionally delicate, but always haunting songs. 
Sun Blood Stories is dreamy, aware, personal, open, fuzzed out, and loud af.
Haunt Yourself (2019) is the third release from Sun Blood Stories that includes its core members. The previously released albums, Twilight Midnight Morning (2015) and It Runs Around the Room With Us (2017), unintentionally work together to maneuver through the thoughts, ideas, and pain behind their creations. Haunt Yourself falls right in line with the previous albums by picking up exactly where It Runs left off: a feeling of hope. Hope that is quickly admonished, reminding the listener that in the end we all will die. 

Up Comes the Tunnel is the first single off of Sun Blood Stories’ long anticipated new album, Haunt Yourself, to be released September 20th, 2019. Up Comes the Tunnel was inspired by the voice inside your head that tries to convince you that the car in your review mirror is following you; the feeling of impending doom; death.
This song was the first song to be written by the band as the idea of working on a new album started swirling around in their heads. The music was recorded in Sun Blood Stories’ basement home studio in Boise, ID, and the vocals were recorded in Dale Hiscock’s (ESC) studio about two blocks away. Up Comes the Tunnel was written and recorded by Sun Blood Stories. The song was mixed and mastered by Dale Hiscock.

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