Saturday, July 20, 2019

Robin and The Modest with the guitar driven "Rakentenfaust" goes vroooom

Robin and the Modest, the musical alter ego of composer, multi-instrumentalist Tobi Vogel (Germany) create soundtracks and one such creation named Rakentenfaust is a guitar driven rocker that grinds out heavy metal affectations in a pretty much timeless way. I mean the rock progs here could exist from 1975 and on but then the shape changing starts. Elements of art rock tones and electronica come in from musical on ramps and I say that because the imagery of cars driving down futuristic roads is heavy on this one. I wonder if you are seeing the same thing. There is an alien, futuristic tone here happening. It is cool. Simple as that and I can't wait to listen to this in my car. 

Rakentenfaust is from the "Playground" album (2019).
Robb Donker


Ready, steady, get lost in music
It’s a soundtrack, it’s a soundtrack! It is obvious that the man behind Robin and the Modest brings home the bacon composing film music, which is a good thing in itself. It can only mean that he understands something of the trade. With Eftychia Tobi Vogel presents us with a truly exquisite instrumental album. Don’t be scared, it’s the good kind of instrumental. The kind from the 70ies, when music was able to take the time to tell a story. And by that, the debut from Robin and the Modest sneaks its complex and masterly way into our ear and subsequently into our hearts. Sounds grossly exaggerated? It should be. Albums like it are rare theses days. First-class craftsmanship and an aim for the sophisticated recipient. So if anyone thinks, there should be music, here it is. Typically North German without the babble. Truly the sound for every situation in life. With it, we can orchestrate our own history each and every day. Because, it’s a soundtrack, it’s a soundtrack. Namely our own, which we listen to in the car, when other people just go to work. It takes us away for a little time-out from our desk or keeps us in a good mood while jogging to Somewhere over the Rainbow. Committing Carl-Michael Grabinger as a drummer, who already has been fine-tuning the groove of Freundeskreis or the Henrik Fleischlader Trio, is further proof, how comprehensive the musical selection of the project is. The Russian orchestra musician Maria Grigoriyeva played the string part in the title track and ballad Little Bird. The saxophone was contributed by Tim K√∂hler, who, as part oft he Bigband hellway2high, was recently presented with the WDR Jazz price. And when a second guitar was needed, Johannes Bert, who is normally at home with The Fabolous P-Boiz, filled the void formidably. The whole rest derives from one extremely capable source. That way one can avoid the creative discords and the nervracking top dog behaviour typical for a band. Then something truly good can happen. For example something like Eftychia. This overflowing cornucopia of musical gems, with which the man behind Robin and the Modest builds an effective wall against the paralysing boredom from the consensus laboratories of the major labels. Many thanks for that by the way.