Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Neo & Neo's dreamy folk grooved "Ciel Bleu" is a dreamy smile

Neo & Neo is a Swiss band based in Zürich centering around singer-songwriter, musician Dominik Robin. The song Ciel Bleu written by Dominik Robin, Daniel Rabenstein & Yannick Schmutz and produced, arranged and mixed by Giuliano Sulzberger, Porchhouse Studio, Winterthur is an indie folk pop affair that moves in a dreamy way. It also has that kind of folk bounce, groove that (to me) made me think of Paul Simon a bit and of 70's American chamber pop. Neo & Neo is Dominik Robin on lead vocals, acoustic guitar and piano, Raphael Schneider on electric guitar and backing vocals, Yannick Schmutz on drums / percussion and backing vocals and (On Live Performances) Benedict Schönenberger on bass. 

The album "Before the Birds Start To Sing" is out now (Spotify).


Robb Donker


Neo & Neo – Independent folkpop
Inspired by Californian landscapes, folksingers of the 60ies and tv series from the 90ties, Before the Birds Start To Sing was released on Spotify in April 2018. Neo & Neo is Swiss born musician Dominik Robin. Change emerges from crisis, as Robin experienced in 2012 when he started Neo & Neo. The album depicts the moment before dawn, when everything is still possible:

«A real album. And, more importantly, a brilliant one!» Sway and Breathe (Belgium)
«It certainly doesn't sound like a first LP» That's why we musyc (USA)
«Neo&Neo connect authenticity and good melodies» RSD (Germany)
«It's an opportunity to feel authentic emotions and create new perspectives» Helvetune (Switzerland)

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