Thursday, August 8, 2019

Twin Ritual - passionate and artistically poised on the post punk dance rock of "Strangers"

Strangers by Twin Ritual is at once stripped down dance rock pushed through post punk filters but also feels perfectly full because each component doesn't do too much (or too little). It is a synergistic sound lead with the passionate and art poised vocals of Laura Levenhagen (vox, synth). The sonic guitar sounds by Nathan Leutzinger pushing interwoven notes more so than just chords along with the bass melodies by Anthony Ramirez creates a kind of proggy yet in someway retro backdrop. Very cool.

Robb Donker


Twin Ritual is an Indie Rock band from San Diego, CA. They deliver upbeat drums, swirling synths, fuzzed-out bass, driving guitar hooks, and dreamy female vocals, the band’s members include Laura Levenhagen (vocals/synth), Anthony Ramirez (bass), Nathan Leutzinger (guitar). Twin Ritual’s debut EP was produced by Dave Trumfio, who is known for producing bands like OK Go, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Wilco, and Built to Spill.

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