Friday, August 2, 2019

"Same Lie" by Albert Kass feels heavy within it's breezy indie pop exterior

Same Lie by L.A. based singer-songwriter Albert Kass is a dichotomy in songwriting. The carefree breezy indie pop tones belie more serious lyrical content. While poetic and vague, Kass croons "Who knows, we might be living the same lie... can you believe, this shit's been normalized..." and one can only wonder what "this shit" is (?) 

Some songs are built on macro views, on social commentary and some are built around personal micro layers but whatever this song is about, I like the emotional counter position between the musical tones and the words. 

Same Lie is from Kass's "Young Old Man" album.


Robb Donker

It is hard not to fall in love with the sounds of Albert Kass. Like ocean waves crashing and leaves bristling, this L.A. native possesses a serenity that is hard to recreate in song. Kass is here with the stunning Young Old Man album - featuring tracks like his haunting single "The Void" to the grabbing "Same Lie." In the same vein as artists like Neil Young and Real Estate, Kass's refreshing vulnerability cuts through the silence and leaves you hanging onto every word.

The inviting "Same Lie" is a truthful account of personal responsibility. "Who knows, we might be living the same lie, can you believe, this shit's been normalized" he croons. The moving melody and guitar accompaniment fill the room with warm tones while the percussion brings a sly edge to the song. Kass never ceases to impress with his rich, folk-infused vocals and they're next level in this single.

"Same Lie" builds on Kass's previous releases from the Young Old Man Album - "Shallow Sea", "The Void," and "Hurricane."

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