Friday, August 2, 2019

The sneaky and cheeky rocker "Alex Supertramp" by Allan Fine and the Finites is freewheelin'

The track Alex Supertramp is a musical mystery drenched in garden rock guitar with tinges of country rock underneath and every time I dive into it's fray I smile broadly. Allan Fine and The Finites is (the one and only) Allan Boudreau- Fine's bedroom recording project / live band incarnation. It starts deceptively folksy and sweet with guitar lines and glockenspiel sounds but, almost instantly, Fine's vocal performance feels a little possessed. His self aware full throated vox feels as inspired as the free wheeling lead guitar sounds. I want to hear more Mr. Fine. I want to hear more. 

Written and Produced by Allan Boudreau-Fine
Guitar Solo -Alexandre Lindstrom-Vautrin
Bass - Katie Koebrich
Drums - Liz Musinsky
Background Vocals - Nick Markman, Zach Elliott, Matthew Anderson, Miriam Speyer

Robb Donker


After spending a few years behind the boards for various RnB and rock artists, The Finites are the live band / bedroom recording project of Vanderbilt Electrical Engineering graduate Allan Fine

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