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Monday, November 29, 2021

The Minders and the psych rock on high longing on "These Days"


"a fine-tuned ballet where our arms move and flail..."

Hearing "These Days" by Portland psych indie rock band The Minders and it felt sort of like love at first sight. It could of been Martyn Leaper's vocal push that made me think of an amalgam of  Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) and Roger McGuinn (The Byrds) or the jangle pop driving cadence (free of robotic quantization) or the sort of Mama & Papas folk polished harmonies or amazing 90's college rock persona built from a free form DIY aesthetic, garden rock on high, busker punk spun from the seeds of 60's psychedelia or maybe, it was all of that. 

But, yeah, instantly smitten. There was a side of indie in the 90's that spun out of that 60's Americana psych pop sound / Brit pop and 70's proto punk, a fertile movement that seemed to repeat around 2009 all across the country and for me in So Cal as outfits like Burger Records and Loli-Pop records pushed shows in parking lots, at warehouses, all over. In 1995, The Minders formed as a lo-fi recording project by Martyn Leaper and Apples In Stereo and Elephant Six visionary Robert Schneider. The Minders went on to sign with the celebrated indie Spin Art Records, releasing a series of collectible EPs, singles, and albums, and toured with Of Montreal, Elliott Smith, Mates of State, and The Apples In Stereo.

In 2016, The Minders released an album with Martyn and session players, but the Minders' 2015 touring band featured a lineup that would become their longest-lasting stable of musicians. Then and since, The Minders are comprised of  Martyn Leaper (guitar, vocals), Jeff Lehman (guitar), Karen Page (vocals, piano), Alex Arrowsmith (bass) and Mike Wyant (drums).

Martyn shares:

"I wrote the song 'These Days', after feeling isolated and hemmed in by the pandemic, and the political/social upheaval that has consumed society for the last several years. I think I was channeling a younger me. I thought about how I used to go dancing with my friends during my teens. We would dress up, spike our hair and go dance for hours at the local 3.2 bar (Colorado Springs, Co) to the B52’s, Thompson Twins, and whatever the college hits were. All our angst was exorcised - sweated out. The act of dancing with a sweetheart or a friend was so magical. I miss this feeling being swept away in the moment by something so carefree. I guess this song is a projection, a wish to be transported to another place in time. A better time, any time but these days."

For me, The Minders sound feels particularly real and organic. It feels all inclusive, it feels grown instead of programmed. It gives me hope that music will become what it was a long time ago. Artists, musicians facing each other in a room and playing music about something.

-Robb Donker Curtius


The 1990s were a halcyon era for homespun indie pop with a 1960s flair. The decade’s finest artists earned an association with the Elephant Six Collective, a swirl of bands who shared an affinity for psychedelia, Brit Invasion pop-rock, and charmingly scuzzy bedroom productions.

One of the gems of this inspired retro-pop DIY movement were The Minders. The band initially formed as a lo-fi recording project by Martyn Leaper and Apples In Stereo and Elephant Six visionary Robert Schneider in 1995. The Minders went on to sign with venerated indie Spin Art Records, release a series of collectible EPs, singles, and albums, and tour with Of Montreal, Elliott Smith, Mates of State, and The Apples In Stereo.

Now, the Portland, Oregon-based quintet is releasing some of its strongest strains of scruffy psych-pop. Its latest album, Psychedelic Blacktop, out early next year on the band’s own Space Cassette Records imprint, is an artistic high watermark of garage-rock A-sides.

“This is the first time I enjoyed making a record, and it’s a real honest record,” Martyn shares. “It was a lot of fun to make, but you can hear us struggling with the production medium—tracking to 8-track half-inch tape —this thing came into the world kicking and screaming.”

Psychedelic Blacktop marks an epoch of renewed creativity for Martyn after a transformative 2015 tour with The Minders and Neutral Milk Hotel. “The experience of being on the road again made me question what I was doing with my life. I knew that I needed to immerse my mind into writing once more,” Martyn shares. “I dearly wanted to rediscover what it was that had originally made me so excited about writing and playing pop music.”

The Minders released an album in 2016 featuring Martyn and session players, but the band’s tour in 2015 featured a lineup that would become The Minders longest-lasting stable of musicians. During the tour, and over the past 6 years, the project has coalesced into a band. The Minders are Martyn, Karen Page, Alex Arrowsmith, Jeff Lehman, and Mike Wyant.

The single, These Days, is pure West Coast folk-rock replete with golden harmony vocals. The song has that sad-but-pretty feel of Beach Boys, and, aptly, it just wasn’t made for these times. “These Days” yearns for simple moments of feeling human, like dancing or technology-free human interaction. “It is a reaction to how I feel today in our changed world. I had already started to feel isolated by the ever-encroaching hyper connectivity of our modern world, and the pandemic has cemented my thorough dissociation with society,” Martyn shares. “I want to relive the simple joy of dancing to music. I want to forget the noise of everyday life for a moment.”

The Minders, psych rock, Portland, 90's college radio, folk rock, garden rock, lo fi rock, bedroom rock, Martyn Leaper, Robert Schneider, "These Days", Space Cassette Records, band's label, indie rock, 

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Wollongong Women Of The Night Wray Wyatt and Fletcher Shears Yael Naïm Yasuyuki Uesugi Yawn Yellow Shoots Yes We Mystic Yoni Avittan You Tube Young Hunting Youth Sector Zac Kusmanov Zac Kuzmanov Zacharias Zachrisson Zack Nestel-Patt a spartan production with dream pop sensibilities aboynamedblu acerbic lyrics acoustic finger picking acoustic music acoustic pop acoustic rock acoutic addiction album "Sugar" alienation all inclusive alt alt folk / psyche pop alt hip hop alt jazz alt punk alt rock duo alt rock tones alternate music alternative dream alternative post punk alternative punk alternative soul alternative southern garage rock alternativer rock ambient electronica americana folk americana roots analog analog gear and multi-instrumentalist angelic voice angsty angular angular rock animated animation annie clark anonymous anonymous duo anthem anthemic rock art performance art post punk art rock project art rock tones artful vocal aesthetic artistic music askew atmospheric audacious 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songs resolution retro inspired retro punk retro synths reunited after 4 years rock collective rock kaleidoscope rock motif rock n roll romance rock romantic post punk roots indie rvca sad romance sardonic folk sci fi pop second single self-titled Battle Ave EP sensual seven piece seven years in the making sexual allegations sexuality shifting genres shifting rhythms shimmering sounds shiny pop shocking sideways sounds singer - songwriter singer songwriter Justin Powers slow burn slow dance sludge metal sludge pop smart smart punk smiths snarky vox social distancing solo career solo record somber tones something in the lake sonic mayhem sonically dense soul punk sound scape soundcloud southern rock space folk spaghetti western vibe spinner still alive stirring stooges storyteller folk strangers strident guitars stripped down production stunning voice stunning vox sub pop submissions substance abuse subversive sultry vox summer twins super pop supergloom surf garage rock surf music surf punk tones surreal tones survivorship swan song sweeping sweetcreem syncopated rhythms synth core synth orchestrations synthesizers tacoma washington talk talker tender vocal aesthetic tension the Bobby Lees the Dead Ships the Mercy Stone the doors the observatory the technicolors theater theater composer thee oh sees theremin thoughtful music three piece rock tight bass tightly would time machine tired tmz tommy santee klaws tomorrows tulips tonight tortured love ballad tours toxic masculinity tropical pop trumpets tummyache twitter ty segal unbridled universe building upcoming album "Sinister Feeling" upcoming album "Sub Rosa" van morrison vast sound vast sounds video director video premiere vintage synths vocal wails vocals volcom ent volcom entertainment wailing vox weirdo western whimsy pop william keegan wonderful wonderfully odd wordsmith world music tones wwoman youthful ØZWALD ‘colorful & impressionistic’ " "Calling Out" " "Tomb For Rockets" " Brown Eyes" " Trembling Bones" ""10 pm at the Greyhound Station" ""Bested" / "Ass U Me" ""Lost Tracks 2012 - 2022" ""Some are Wolves" ""Through the Trees" ""Welcome To the 20's" ""Your Secret's Safe With Me" "$273.96" "...a trance" "02" "10-2-1" "11am Sunday Korean Time" "122 Hours of Fear" "13 Songs" album "20 20" "20" "2000" Music Video "30 traps" album "3rd Grade" "404 USER NOT FOUND" "5 AM" "6 Months" "7 Medals" "7th St/ 7th Ave" "8:46" "98 Nissan" "A Drop of Blood /​/​/ Shed" single "A Drop of Blood" "A Foul Form" "A Good Winter in June" EP "A Good-Looking Ghost" "A Head Squeeze" "A Little Bit Too Sweet" "A Long Winded Story" "A New Wind" "A Night To Remember" "A Perfect Day" "A Response to Donald J. Trump in Tulsa "A Rising Sun" "A Simple Love Song" "A Slow Migration West" "A Stray "A Thousand Picture" "A nihilistic love song for our current age." "AJO Sunshine" "ALL THE VOICES IN MY HEAD" "ALONE ON MOST DAYS" "Abbreviated Light" "Abelia" "Accept Nature" "Adrenalin Tears" "Advertisement State" (2021) "Aerodynamic" "After Image" "After The Head Rush" "Afterglow" EP "Again" "Aging Moon" "Ain't Over Yet "Alamo" "Albumette" "Alec" "Algorithm's Got No Rhythm" "Alice" "Alight and Resound" "All About You" "All I Want Is You" "All My Girls Like To Fight" "All The Tricks In The Book" "All The Yellow Flowers" "All the Best Debts" "All the Sweet Tea" "Alleine grinsen" "Allergic" "Alligator" "Alone in Paradise" "Alone in Space" "Alone" "Altered States" "Amaranth Moonlight" "Amber Eyez" "Ambition" "Amelia" "Amer Rouge" "Amerikan Lyfe" "An American Tail" "An Icy Cold" "Anecdote" "Angelica" "Animal" "Animals in Heaven" "Annie" "Another Day at the Zoo" "Another Friday Night News Dump" "Another Sunrise" "Another World Like Ours" "Anthem" "Antihero" "Ants From Up There" "Anxiety" "Anxious Andy" "Anything You Want" "Apart/Together" "Apples" "Arcade Games" Night Version "Arrow To Bow" "Art Collective" "Artifacts" "Artificial Pleasure" "As It Grows Dark / Light" "Ashes" "Ashley Evermore" "Astral Humming" "Astray" (Official Video) "Asylum Star" Album "Audience of Summer" "Audience of Summer" album "Auto-Pain" album "Automobile" "Autopilot" "Autumn Child" "Ava" "Awful Time" "Azure Curtain" "BIY" "BPD" "Babysitter" "Back Then" "Back of a Head "Back" "Backdrops" "Bad Blood" "Bad Drunk" "Bad Habits" EP "Bad Idea" "Bad News" "Bag Down" "Bag of Blood" "Balcony Bliss" "Balmaha" "Bamboo" "Banana" "Barbara" "Bass Arcade" "Bats In The Attic" "Battery Lane" "Be My Judge" "Beautiful" "Beauty Medicine" "Bedroom Mirror "Before I Leave" "Behind a Bleeding Heart" (Official Video) "Bella Sun Lever" "Belonged" "Bem No Fundo" "Bending" "Best Days" "Beta" full length "Betoni kukkii" "Better Daughter" "Better Daughter" EP "Better Late Than Never" "Better Man" "Better Me" "Better People to Leave on Read" "Better" "Between Space and Time" "Between Two Waves" EP "Big Man On The TV" "Big Mistake" "Bikini" "Bird Tattoo" "Birds of Passage" "Birds of Stone" "Black Lentil" "Black Sedan" "Blacked Out" "Blackout at the Kindergarten" "Blanchet House" "Blankets" "Blind Missiles" "Blomstra // Din Fullaste Utveckling" "Blood Finger Prick" "Blood In The Snow #3" "Blood and Honey" "Blood" "Bloodthirsty" "Bloom Decay" "Bloom" "Blue Ceiling" "Blue Husky (Черный ворон)" "Blue Illustrations" "Blue Ridge State" "Blush" "Body/Frame" "Boom" "Born 2 Love" "Boutonnière" "Boxroom Bangers" "Boyshit" "Break Even" "Breaking Habits" "Breathe In" (Remix) "Breathing In Burning Out" "Breeders" "Bright New" single "Bringing in the Dogs" "Brisbane Radio" "Broken Dance" EP "Broken Heart" "Broken Youth" "Brother Fly" EP "Bruised o Blue" "Buffalo" "Bug Bite" "Bullet Point" "Bummer Camp" "Burn The Castle" "Burn" "Burned" "Burning" "Busboy" "Bush Mama Blues" "ByeBye" "CAN A BOY FORGET HIS MOTHER?" "CONSTRUCTION" "CRYBABY" "CTR" "CYR" double album "Cake" "California" "Call of the Spring" "Calm Before the Storm" "Calm Down. It's Morning" "Calm Through the Clearing" "Can You Picture?" "Can't Get Right With the Darkness" "Can't Win" "Cancel Culture" "Cannonball" "Canyon" "Captain" "Captain" album "Carl's Chuckwagon" (Official Video) "Castaway" album "Casting A Shadow" "Casuals" "Cat's Cradle" "Catastrophic Hope" "Catching Bad Temper" album "Caught In A Dream" "Centuries" "Chai Tea / Tai Chi" "Champion" Official Video "Change Candidate" "Change My Mind" "Change" "Change"album "Channel" "Chaos Space Marine" "Chaos and Bones" "Chasing" "Cheap Drinks" "Chemical Emotion" "Chevron" "Chew It" "Child Of Dirt" "Church of England" "Ciao To The Beauty" "Cinema Sublimina" "Circa" "Circle" "Classical Notions Of Happiness" "Claudia" "Clementine" EP "Clichéd Ciggy Smoker" "Close Talker" "Clown" "Club Sabbath" "Cold Breezes" "Cold Generation" "Cold Snack' "Cold Yoghurt" "Collateral" "Collector" album "Collide" "Colm’s Conquest" "Colorful Collage" "Colors" album "Come On Henry" "Come Over" "Come" "Coming Home" "Common Ground" "Compassion to the Nth Degree" "Complication" "Concrete Beach" "Control" "Conversations" "Cool" "Corset" "Costilla" "Costs a Lot" "Could I Come Here Alone" "Country Church" single "Cowboys" "Coy" "Coyote" "Crap Fringe" "Cried" "Crisis" EP "Crumble" "Crunchy" "Crush My Heart" "Crushing Weight" "Cue" "Culture Shock" album "Custom Pope" "Cut From the Same Cloth" "Cut the Carpets" "Cut the Ties" "Cut to the Chase" "Cyborg" "D F K" "D S T" "DBY" "DISCONTINUE NORMAL PROGRAM" "DIY!!" "DNA" "Daddy" "Dance It Away" "Dance Under Pressure" "Dance for a While" "Dancing Alone" "Dancing Girl" "Dancing and Tripping The World Away" "Danger Decides" "Dangerous Girls" "Danny" "Dark Clouds" "Dark Room "Dark and Depressive" "Darkest Hour" "Darkness and Bright Thoughts" "Dawnwalking" "Day Destroyer" "Day Plan" "Day Ripper" album "Days of Heaven" "Daystar" "Daystar" EP "DeWolff "Dead Air" "Dead Gurl" "Dead Or Alive" "Dead Weight" "Deadzone" "Death Of A Very Good Machine" "Death On The Moon" "Decades & Dreams" "December Lullaby" "December's Dance" "Ded Würst" "Deep Down In Jazz" "Deer Tommy" "Deliberate Design" "Demon Stomp" "Dependency" "Desert Mama" "Desert" "Destruct" "Deténte" "Deuteranomaly" "Devastations" "Device" "Devil Got Me Down" "Diamonds in Her Eyes" "Diamonds" "Dicking Around" single "Did I Imagine Everything" "Dignity" "Dijangka" "Dimensional Mystery Tour" "Dimman Skingras" "Dirt Soda" "Dirty Nikes" "Disappearing Act" "Disappointed" "Disappointment Enthusiast" "Distant Forest" "Ditch" "Division Street" album "Do You Want To Dance?" "Does Anybody Know" "Does It Bother You" "Doesn't Make Any Sense" "Doggy 2" "Doing Time" "Dominoes" "Don't Drive Into the Smoke" "Don't Eat Stuff Off The Pavement" "Don't Let The Papers Get You Down" "Don't Lie" "Don't Look Back" "Don't Move" "Don't Worry Darling" "Done a Number" "Donovan meets Norweigian wood song" "Doo Crowder Song" "Doom Scrolling" "Dormant Days" album "Double Vision" "Doubt & Reckoning" "Doubt & Reckoning" album "Doug's Rules" "Down Feather" "Down The Pen" "Down!" "Downbeats" "Drab from Colorless" "Drake Elliott-Egor Pops Split" "Dreaming Venus" "Dreaming of Heaven" "Dreary" "Drifter" "Drones" (Official Video) "Droom Scroll" "Drop That Hero" "Dropout" "Drunk Conference Call" "Drunken Sailor" "Drømmer På Boks" "Dual Valley" "Due Some Terrible End" "Dumpster Fire" "Dungeon Master" "Dust & Honey" "Dustin" "Dusty" "Dye it Gold" "Dysthymia" "ENNA" "EP" "Eachday" "Early Mournings" "Easier" "Eaten by Wolves" "Edging" "Egregore" "Eighteen" "El Camino" "Ellis House" "Elora" "Elsewhere" EP "Embody" "Emily" "Empty A" "Empty Bottle" "Emulator" "End Credits of a Film" "Endless Loop" "Endless Space (Between You & I)" "Enniskillen Family" "Enough" "Enūmaeliš" "Eons" "Eraser" "Escape" "Esoteric Hex" "Essence & Illusion" "Eternity on Its Edge" "Even When It's Bent" "Evergrown" "Every Bright Penny" Album "Everybody Hates Us " Album "Everything Is Changing" "Expert Manoeuvring" "Eye Rhyme" "Eyes Fall" "Eyes in the Maze" "Eyes" "Eyze" "FTW" "Face In Chrome" live "Facteur Cheval" "Fade Away" "Fade Out "Fader" "Fairy Rust" album "Fake Friends" "Fall Down" "Fall With The Lights Down" "Fall into Line" "Fallen Stones" "Falling Forwards" "Falling Into Place" "Falsely Accused" "Fantasy III" "Farmhands" "Fate Is A Big Tiger" album "Fault" "Faust" "Fear of God". singer songwriter "Fear of" "Feather in the Wind" "Featherdusta" "Feel" "Feeling Light" "Fences" "Fernando" album "Fever Dreams" "Fickle" "Fight of the Aeronaut" "Fighting In The Car" "Fighting Monsters" "Figurehead" "Fila and Friends" "Final Night At The Duplex" "Finger Gun" "Fipside" "Fireworks" (Night Version) "First Snow Of The Winter" "Fishes to Sing" "Fits and Starts" "Flattened" "Flora" "Florist" "Flowering" (album version) "Fly Wizard Fly" "Focus" "Folie a Deux" "Follow The Voice" album "Fool" "Fool's Spring" "For Lucy" "For Your Happiness" is the first release since 2020's debut full length "Moon TV" "For a Moment" "For the Tree Buds" "Force Majeure" "Force Majeure" due out on May 15th "Force Of Habit" "Force To Reckon" "Ford" "Forgiving It All" "Fortress of Fun" "Forward Motion" album "Foto of Japan" "Fragile Situation" "Frame Of Reference" "Fraud" "Freaks With Wings" "Freeze Dried Coffee" "Frida Kahlo" "Friendo" "Friends" "Frog" "From 7th Street with Love" "From the Cradle to the Grave" "From the Muddy Banks of the Nooksack" "Fruiting Body" "Fuck Greg Abbott" "Full Round Table" "Funeral Pyres" "Funeral Solution" "Furniture" "Future Past Present Tense" "Game of the Fool" "Game" "Gamma Gardening" EP "Get Home" "Getting Stranger" "Ghost Party" 2022 "Ghost" "Gilead" album "Gills" "Girl Eats Sun" "Girl Of Southern Irony" "Girl On TV" "Give" "Glass Eyes" "Global Crush" "Glory to Glory" "Glossolalia" "Glow" single "Go One" "Go To Sleep" Official Video "Goddamn" "Going to the Races" "Gold Bentleys & Red Carpets" "Gold Dust" "Golden Flower" "Gone South" "Good Dog" "Good Dreams" "Good Girls" "Good Hiding Places" "Good Mood" "Good St Riddance" "Good and Greasy" "Goodbye My Favorite" "Goodbye" "Got Down To The Soul" "Goth" "Grand Bizarre" album "Grand Romance" "Grandaddy" "Grande Masterpiece" "Grasping at the Water" "Gravitational Pull" "Greasy thumbs" "Great Big World" "Great Reigns" "Green Album" "Green As Ever" "Green Pastures" "Green Tide" "Green tea tiramisù" "Group Chat" "Grow This Garden" "Grumpy Days" "Grønland" "Guilty Pleasures" "Gutless" "Gutter Honey" "H.I.G.H" "HONESTLY I ALWAYS KNEW" "Hail Haze" "Hair Turns Grey "Half Of Your Love" "Half the Keys" "Halibut" Official Video "Hallelujah Superstar" "Hand Me Down Kingdom Come". dramatic changes "Hand-Me-Down" "Hands Touching Hands" "Hands" "Hang It Up" (feat. Nariah Taylor & Korey Keys) "Hang On" "Hanging Around The Back" "Happens All The Time" "Happier" "Happy Sunday" "Harbor" "Hard Candy" "Hard To Concentrate" "Hard Work" "Hardcore" "Harp On" "Harsh" "Harvest Apartments" "Hatred is a Passion of Theirs" "Haunts Me Now" "Have You Ever?" "Haze" "He Was Not A Micromanager" "Head Straight" "Head on a Spike" "Head's Chocka" "Headstand" "Hearts Feel Wild" "Heaven is an Izakaya" "Heaven" "Heaven's Clothes" "Hedgehog" "Heflin Hollis" LIVE (Official Video) "Hell is Dull" "Hell" "Hello Crazy" "Hello Voyeur" "Henaff" "Heresy" "Hesitation" "Hey "Hey Hello" "Hey! You!" "Hey" "Hiding Out" album "High Times "Highways" "Himalayan Dream Techno" "Hines Dr" "Hit Your Town" "Hit the Spot" "Hocus Pocus" "Hokusaian Wave" album "Hold On It" "Hold Onto Yourself" EP "Hole in the Wall" "Holiday" "Holly" "Hollywood Junkyard" "Hollywood Royalty" "Holy Golden West" "Holy Moon" "Holy Show". Official Video by Kate Dolan "Homely Raya" "Homesick" "Honesty" "Honey from the Hive" "Honey" "Hook" "Hopeless" "Hopma" "Horizons" album "Horrific Terrific" "Horrors in the Dark" "Horse" album "Horsedance" "Horses" "Hot Air" "Hound in a Storm" "House Recipe" EP "Household" "How Come No One Told Me" "How Long Have You Known?" "How Long?" "How To Be Human" album "How To Tune a Parrot" "How's it All Gonna End" "Human Race" "Human and Kind" EP "Hundred Dollar Day" "Hunger" "Hurricane" "Hustlers' Shuffle "Hymn for Agnostics" "Hyperbola" "Hypocritic" "Hypothetical End" "I "I Am Your Own Worst Critic" (Official Video) "I Am the Mud" "I Can't Wait Anymore" "I Can't With You" "I Don't Wanna Take Too Much" "I Don't Want to Say Goodbye" "I Dream Of A World" "I Find God" "I Forgot It By Heart" "I Got it From My Daddy" "I Guess I'll End up Being One of Those People You Used as Well" "I Hate Myself Now" "I Just Want To Be Wild For You" "I Know Now Why You Cry" "I Knowww" "I LOVE FISH" "I Met God Online" (Official Video) "I See It Now" (Official Video) "I See Jets" "I See a Dip" "I Still Think You're so Fake" "I Tell You What" "I Think My Heart Loves To Break" "I Want to Live Another Year" "I Wanted Light / Between" "I Was a Moth" "I Wish I Had My Bicycle" "I Won't Fight For You" "I hate That I Love You" "I hate this modern way" "I have a bad memory" "I think I'm in love again" "I'd Be Broke" "I'll Die A Little" "I'll Never Know" "I'm Boring" "I'm Not Gonna Bother You" "I'm Sentimental" "I'm The One" "IDFR" "IKEA" "IMAGO" "IT'S ALL GOOD THINGS" "IV" Album "Icarus Phoenix" album "Icarus" "If The World Falls To Pieces" "If You Hurt Me "Ignore the Pollution" "Il Capitano" "Illuminated Pitch Black" "Illusive Illusion" "Imperfect You" "Impossibilism" Album "Impressions of Cabinets and Kitchenettes" "In A Confusing Futuristic Bar" "In Color" "In Knots" "In Limbo" "In My Name" "In Reverse" "In Silence "In Still Delight" "In The RL" "In The Skies" "In This Body" "In This House" EP "In Time" "In a Deep and Dreamless Sleep" "In the Snow" "In the Wind" "Inappropriate" "Infinite Possible Futures" "Ingenue" "Inner Shibori" "Inner Space / Outer Space" "Inner Truth" "Insekt" "Inside" Official Video "Insomnia" "Intentionally Passive" "Interloper" "Interval" "Into An Atmosphere" "Into Summer (2020)" "Into the Sun" "Introvert Blues" "Introvertigo" EP "Invisible Love" album "Irate" "Is Blood" "Island of the Dogs" "Islands Song" "Isotopes" "It Keeps Happening" "It's Coming For You" "It's Not Hard" "It's Not Real" "It's Not Their Future" "Itsy Bitsy" "Jagged Line" "James Dean" "Jesus" "Jim's Song" "Joan Jett" "Joan of Arkansas" "Jocelyn" "John without June" "Josie" "Joy Song" "July" "Jumpsuit" "June Gloom" "Juniors" "Just As If New" "Just Fine" "Just Like Before" "Just Like a Doll" "Just Memories" Official Video "Karma 8" "Karma's a Gun" "Ketamine Tea" "Kicks "Kil St. Clare" EP "Kill The Butcher" "Kill Your Darlings" "Kindred Spirits" "King Blame" "King of Scots" "Kitchen Sinking" "Knee Jerk" "Know Me Better" "Kodama" "Kool Hangs LP" "Kudos" EP "LSDSOUNDSYSTEM" "La Metamorphose" "Lady Love" "Lah Dee Dah" "Lain Prone" "Last Call" "Last Dance" "Last of the Aircraft are Leaving" "Late to the Party" "Laughing Wall" "Le Temps" "Leaking Drains" "Leap" "Leave Love Out of This" "Leave Me Alone" "Leaving Room" "Leaving a Pink Cloud" "Left My Mind" "Lemon Moon" "Leo" "Leonard" "Let Go" "Let It Go" "Let The Beast Out" follow up "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" "Levitate Us" "Levitator" "Lexiconmind" "Life Support" "Life as a Mannequin" "Life in the Dome" "Lifeboat Candidate" "Life’s Too Expensive for Me" "Light Again" "Light Contact" "Light Leaks" "Light Up Luvr" "Lightning in a Bottle" "Lights of the Party" "Lily" "Lions Should Hunt" "Little Bird" "Little Birds" "Little Fix" "Little Flock" "Little Glass Jar" "Little Piece Of Hair" "Livid" "Living Like A Mystic" "Living in Dystopia". Newcastle "Lockdown side project. Pianos "Locks for You" "London" "Lonely Beach" "Lonesome Love" "Long Dream" "Long In The Tooth" "Long Time" "Look Away" single "Look For Rain" "Looking For A Friend" "Looking Right Into The Sun" "Loophole Travelling" "Lopsided" "Losing the Names" "Lost and Found" "Lost in the Digital Age" "Love Drops" album "Love Life" "Love Machine" "Love Songs to Remind Us That We Can't Stand Each Other" "Love You More" "Love in the Asylum" "Loves to Break" "Lucid Girl" "Lucy "Lumio" "M.Boy" "MAGIC HOUR" "MBC" "MEG/\DETH TEE" "MESH" "Mad Is The Beast" "Madness on the Rise" "Magazines" "Magic Show" "Magical Floating Eye" "Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze" "Mainstreamlining" "Make the most" "Makes for a Good Story" "Malibu's Passing" "Malus" "Man of Chaos" "Manic State" "Marauder and "Go It Alone" Official Videos "Marbella" album "Margarita" "Market and Black" "Marry You" "Massey Fucking Hall" "Mastermind" full length "Matinee" "May Tree" "May You Be Happy" "Maybe My Love Was Just Right" "McCartney III" "McDank" "Me & My Girl" "Meat Machine" "Mediocre" "Medusa" "Meet Me At The Gloaming" "Memoria" tour "Memory Vortex" "Mercy" "Mesa Verde" "Microphone" "Mid Century Modern" "Midas Tongue" "Midlife Crisis" "Midnight Heavyweight" "Midnight Mass" "Midnight at the Sunset Ballroom" "Midnight" "Miracle "Miss You" "Missing Piece" "Missing Things" single "Mist of the Teal Mara" "Misty Mountains" "Mmxxtape" EP. "2 Drink Minimum" "Modern Culture" album "Modern England" "Momma" "Mommy" "Monkey Chest" "Monster" "Monty" "Monuni" "Moody Monday Mornings" "Moon Spell" "Moonlight in Visby" "Morality of Accuracy in Photojournalism" "More Entertainment" "More Than I Deserve" Acoustic version "Morning / Midnight" "Mornings Are My Afternoon" "Mother Tongue" "Mother" "Moths" "Motionless" "Mountains Of Cash" "Mouthfeel" "Mr. Nobody" "Much For Us" "Mundane Ecstasy" "Must Be Nice" "Mutation Of" Album "My Blizzard" "My Body Left My Soul" "My Brothers And Me" "My Electronic Idol" "My Fault" "My Friend Chris" "My Gory Love Story" "My Head Is A Wasp Nest" "My Moriarty!" "My Murder of Crows" "My Purchase" "My Year With The Wizard" "My world "Mystic Piers" "Mythic Love" + "Birds" LIVE "Myths "NBT" "NO RISIKO" "NTSL" "Nagual" "Naisu" "Names" "Narc" "Nature of Things" "Near Me" "Neither Is "Nevada City" "Never Be Apart" album "Never Let Me Go" "New Ahhm Uhm" album "New Axial Age" "New Ears" "New Love" "New Mode" "New Moon" "New Truth" album "New Year's Milk" (Official Video) "New York City" single "Night Grows" "Night Life" "Night Man" / Trapper II singles "NightSongs" "Nightfall" "Nightflight" "Nightswimming" "Nightvisions" "No Doz" "No Encore" "No Garden" "No Me And You" "No Name" "No Teens" "Nosferatu" "Not Me Anymore" "Not What You Said" "Nothing New In The Human Zoo" Album "Nous sommes dans un rêve" "Nova" "Novelty" "November" "Now You're Gone" "Numb & Dumb" "Numbody" "Nunhead" "O Brother" "O.K. Sis" "OWL & KOALA" "Obergurgl" "Observations + Descriptions" "Obsessions" "Occupado" "Odds" "Off Grid" "Off White" "Off With a Bang" "Oh Honey" "Oh Jaqueline" "Oh My Brother" "Oh The Pain "Oh! Southern Wind" "Oinker" EP "Old Devil Midnight" "Old Friend" "Old Friends" "Old Hotel" "Old Palestine" "Old Pursuit" EP "Old Scratch" "Old Things" "Older" Official Video "Ole' Dom Song" "Oltremare" "Omegah" "On & On & On" (Official Video) "On Existing and Dying" "On God Vomit" "On The Ropes" "On Thunderclouds (We Ride)" "On/Off" (Official Video) "Once Where We Walked" "One Day" "One Giant Fade" "One Man Up" "One More Chance" "One More Round" "One More Thing" "One Nation" "One Of Us Now" "Only (Chasing You)" "Only Eyes" "Only Lovers" "Only Ones" "Only Weak Men Fear Strong Women" "Only1" "Open All Night" "Opening Night" "Operator" "Ophelia" "Orange Colossus" "Orange Days" "Ordinary Night" "Organize" "Origami Heart" "Ornamental" "Our Minds" "Ourselves Forgotten" "Out Here" "Out Of The Blue" "Out Of Your Depth" "Out in LA" "Outside Air" "Outside" "Outsider" "Over It" "Over and Outsider" "Over the Moon" "Overture" "POP CALL PASSES" "POSH BOYS CAN'T DO DRUGS" "Pain" "Paint by Numbers "Painted" "Palm Garten" "Palm Trees" "Pangs of Conscience" "Paper Thin" "Paranoia" "Parasite City" "Parasite" "Paredón Blanco” "Passion Fruit Boys" "Past Tense" "Patience "Patiently" "Patterns of My Mind" "Pause" "Paying The Price" "Peace" "Peaceful Woods" "Pear Plum Blues" "Peregrine" album "Perfect Family" "Perfectionism" "Petty" "Ph Dean (a codependent love song) "Phantom Feedback Part II" "Philadelphia "Phoenix" (Reborn) "Piano In The Shower" "Pica" "Pick A Way" "Pigeon Fix" "Pin Cushion" album "Pine" "Pipe Dreams" "Placate" "Places and the Times" "Planet I'm From" "Plaque Protection" "Pluto" "Pointless" "Polar Pop" "Pollen" "Polterguys" "Pop Song" "Pop Up In My Head" "Post in D" "Posthumanism" "Postmates Me a Gun" (So I Can Die) Radio Edit "Postpone and Forget" "Power of A Thousand Cowboys "Pray" "Praying Hands" "Pre-Brexit" trio. Sapphire Blues "Pre-Pangea" "Precious Few" "Presidential Walk" "Pretty Picture" "Prince of Oddities" EP "Privilege Blues" "Progress" "Promises" "Prussian Blue" "Public Universal Friend" EP "Pull My Strings" "Pulling on Each Other" "Punish" "Punk Horns at the Break of Dawn" "Punk Two" "Pure" "Purnasch Yivar" Пурнӑҫ Йывӑр "Put Down Your Phone" "Pygmalion" "Pyjama Princess" "Qanisqineq" EP "Quarantunes" "Quarter Life Crisis" "Queen Maybe" "Queen Mother" "Queen of the Faeries" "Queer hell is glittering" "Queer hell" "Questionable Motives" debut album "Quick Stop By" (Official Video) "Quiet Distant Wistful" "R U Happy Now?" "R&B" "Rad Steve" "Rage of Cups" "Rainbow Song" "Rainbow Stew" "Rainbow" "Rancho Shalom" "Raw Tomato "Ray Gun" "Reach" "Read Receipts" "Reap: album "Red Flags" "Red Room" EP "Red Sky" "Red" "Redeeming Features" "Reflection's Ink" "Relapse" "Remember Me When It's Raining" "Remorseless Swing" "Remover" "Renegade" "Repeat "Reset" EP "Rest of Me" "Revisionists" "Revolution Son" "Riding On The Valley" "Righteous ... Right ?!" "Rishi" "Risk" "River Stone Eroding" "Roadtrips". formerly as BEING "Roam Wide" "Rock Bottom in Shanghai" "Rocket To The Moon" "Rocky Waves" "Roller Skating" "Rolling Around in It" "Rolling Dumpster Fire" "Rooftops "Room For You" "Roomates" "Rooting For Judas" "Ruby Sparks" "Running" "Rushing Lattice" "Rusted Crown" "SILHOUETTE" "SOSOS" "ST" EP "STAY IN" "Sabayon Abandonnée" "Sad Boy at the Skeleton Party" "Sahil" "Sailing" "Same Flame" "Sammy" "Samurai Sword" "San Fidel" EP "San Francisco" "Sandman" Graphic Novel "Sangre de Cristo" (feat. Davide Rossi) "Satanic Panic Love Song" "Satellite" "Saturate" "Savage Love and Gentle Death on the Eve of Forever" "Save Me" "Save the Swimmers" "Saw You In A Dream" "Sawyer" "Scaryoke" "Scream (All You Want)" "Screwed" "Scum" "Sea Change" "Sea Sick" "Seabird II" "Seal" "Seasick Lullaby" "Second Guess" indie pop "See You On the Other Side" "See You Tomorrow" "Self Exile" "SelfSame" "Selfish Liars" "Sentiment" "Separados" "September Nine" "Seven Years of Silence" "Seven Years" "Seven of Wands" "Severe Clear" "Sex Wax" "Sex on the Internet "Shadow Falls" "Shallow" "Shape Mistakes" "Shapeless" "Shark Eggs / Pirouette" single "She Don't Need No One" "She Knows I'm Right" "She Spins" "She's Low Tide" "Shedding Skin" "Shelf" about trauma "Shell(e)" album "Shelter" "Shepherd" "Shifting Candlelight" "Shmoopie" "Shoes That Make you Taller" "Shoot me Down" "Short-Sighted Security" album "Showstopper" "Sick" "Silence" "Silent Soldier" "Sin Nombre" "Sine Wave" "Singing in the Dark" "Sinking Feeling" "Sins of the Father" "Situations" "Situations" / "Black Wednesday" "Sixteen Gold Candles" "Skin" "Skip To The Good Part" "Skulls" "Sleep Running" "Sleep Well" "Sleep it Off" "Sleep" "Sleeping Visions" drops today "Sleeping Well Is Easy" "Sleeptalk" "Slightlydelic" "Slow Motion" "Smaller Monsters" "Smaller" "Smile In The Night" "Smoke on the Bridge" "Snakey" "So Damned Beautiful" "So Long Mr. Fear" "So Long" "So Lost" bonus track "So Much So Few" "So Sure" "Soak" "Sofie" "Soft Attraction" "Soft Spoken" "Softie" album "Softly" "Some Days" "Some Summer" "Someday "Someone Else's Dream" "Someone New" "Someone To Rely On" "Something Better" "Something Happy" "Something Human" "Something Is Out There" "Something Softly Caught Me" "Something for my Head" "Something in your Rhythm" "Something to do with the telling of time" "Something's Gotta Give" "Somewhere Sideways Same As You" "Somewhere Without Lights" "Somnia" "Song of Stings" "Song of Tiny Notions" "Songs From Home" "Soothsayer" "Sorry Looking Boy" "Sorry" "Soul Bucket" "South County" "Space Jazz Monstrosity" "Spaceman" "Spark" "Spell" "Spider" "Spiral(ing)" "Spirals" "Spirit Glow" "Spirits" "Spots of Light" "Spring" "Squabble" "Staff of the Flag" "Stand Clear" "Stand" "Star Signs" "Staring at the Moon" album "Starr" "Static" "Statue Says" "Statue" "Stay With Me" "Stay" "Stays Up Late" "Sticks & Stones" "Still Life" "Stillness Beneath All Things" "Storm Chaser" "Storm" EP "Strange Actress" "Strange Paradise" "Strange People" (Strange Times) "Strange Visions" "Strawberry Kisses" "Stray Fantasies" "Stream of Youth / Bland World" "Street Haunting" "Streets of New Love" "Stress Dreams" "Stumbling Home" album "Stupid Child" "Stupid Nerves" "Sturdy Ass Table" "Sublime" album "Sublime" full length "Suffocate" "Summer "Summer Rain" "Sun Staying Down" "Sundown" "Sundry Rock Song Stock" "Sunlight" "Sunnyside" EP "Sunrise/Sunset" "Sunscreen" album "Sunshine Subconscious" "Sunshine" "Sunspots and Squirrels" "Sunstone" "Super Creepy" "Super Flower Blood Moon" "Super Sentimental" "Supermarket Shuffle" "Sur la haute colline" "Surfin" "Surprise" "Surrender" single "Survive" "Swallow Me Whole" album "Sweet Candy" "Sweet Disease" "Sweet Misery" "Sweet September" "Sweet Things" "Swift" "Swimming" "Symphony of Strangers" "System Exclusive" album "T3MPT3D" "TIME CAPSULE" "TRANSCENDENCE" "TRUCKS" "TVI" "Tabletops" "Tadpole School" "Take Arms" "Take It To The Vertical" "Take It" "Take My Advice" "Take Note". drummer of Strange Cages "Take The Long Way Home" "Take Your Time" "Taking" "Talk Talk Talk" "Tangerine & Yellow" "Tangerine Beach" "Tantrum!" (Official Video) "Tape Rewind" "Tarantula March" "Tarantula" "Te Llevo Conmigo". homage to front person Alexia Roditis's grandparents "Tea Time" "Tear Us Apart" "Teen Tapes (for performing your own stunts)" "Teething" "Telephone Beautiful" "Tell A Lie" "Temporary Soothing" "Ten Times Fold" "Tequila Shooters". album "Far From It" "Terms of Surrender" "Terracotta Sunroom" "Terry Mackenzie" "Texas Legislators" "Thank You" "That Kid" "That's so 3rd Dimension" "The Age of Reason" "The Antidote Is In the Poison" "The Banquet (in G#)" "The Banquet" "The Beautiful Misfit Party" "The Beholder" "The Best Minds of My Generation" "The Blessed Ghost" "The Breaking In Our Hearts" "The Constant" "The Coward" "The Crow" "The Decline of the Flies and the Rise of the Spiders" "The Devil Provides" "The Devil" "The Devil" (Lives in My Flat) "The Dogs" "The Early Bus" "The Elders" "The Equidistance" "The Exact Same Time" "The Faces" "The Fat of a Broken Heart" "The Feeling's Mutual "The First Day" "The Floor" "The Fool II" "The Fortune Cookie Factory is not worth considering​.​." "The Future Is Gay" "The Future Is Vintage" "The Gallows" "The Getaway" "The Gimp's Gimp" "The Glow" "The Gods They Know" "The Haunting of H. Quinn" "The Hideaways" album "The House Always Wins" "The Human Jazz" "The Journey" "The Key to Your Heart". WAR "The Light Goes Out (feat. Trailer Limon)” "The Light" "The Madmen" "The Magnificent Lie" "The Missing" "The Moon" "The Mosquito" "The Muscle" (Song for Kate) "The Music Stands" "The Newest" "The Only Human In The Room" "The Outsider" "The Overflow" "The Painter" "The Passion Blaze" album "The Problem" "The Pulpit" "The Right Fit" "The Rim" "The Rower" "The Sheets" "The Shithouse Opera" concept album "The Significance of Peaches" "The Slow March of Time Flies" album "The Snow" "The Sound" "The Stars Would Explode" "The State of Things" album "The Stranger" "The TV Made Me Do It" "The Terrorist "The Wave" "The White Sea" album "The Woods" "The World's Awake" (2020) "The Writer" "The Zoo" "The restaurants are empty but we still skip dinner" "There Be Monsters" "There's A Mountain" "There's No Way Out" "These Days" "These Walls" "They Don't Like Me" "They're Coming" "Thin Lines" "Things Changed" "Things Will Be Different" "Think She Was Right" "Thirteen Sailboats" "This Blue Mob" "This Divine Love" "This Energy" "This Fractured Mind" "This Time" "This Year" "Thorns" "Thought I Was a Grand Deluge" "Threads" "Time Bomb" "Time Takes The Time Time Takes" "Time Travel" "Time Waits For No Man" "Time Walk" "Time Will Tell" "Time and Space" "Time to Pretend" "Time" album "Tired Blood" "Tiresias" "Titanomachy" "Tivoli" "To The Nines" "Toast" "Toenail Moon" "Tokyo Sounds" "Told You" "Tomcat Disposables" "Tonight" "Too Late" "Too Many Tools" "Too Much Paranoias" "Top 5" "Tourist" album "Tracer" "Tragic Lover" "Transmeridian" "Trap Door" "Trashers" "Traveling Hero" "Treat a Man" "Trembling Hands" "Trigger" (Official Odd Video) "Triple" EP "Trophy Husband" album "True Love's In Decline" "Trust Issues" "Truth Coming Out of Her Well" "Tularosa" "Turn the Tide" "Turpentine" "Twin Flame" "Twizzlers" "Two Hearts" EP. synthwave "Type A" debut album "Type B" album "U Really Don't Give A Fuck" "U Think This Song Is About U" "Ugly on the Inside" "Ultrabeat" "Ultraviolent" "Un Águila Cazo un Tiburón en Miami" "Unborn Ghosts" album "Unclothed & Unbothered" "Underachieve" EP "Unearth" "Universal Chaos" "Unknown Royalty" "Unlucky #13" "Until The Morning" "Up the Gospel" "Up" "Ur Girl's Fine" "Ur face 'der" "Us And Them" "Usual Suspects" "VHS" "Vain" "Valentine Slip" "Valentine" "Valley" "Vampire Money" "Vanilla" EP "Vanilla" single "Vanities" "Vant In panze". "Vatican City" "Velocirapture" "Velvet Night" "Vestiges of Tails Appear in All of Us" "Vesuvius" "Vicennial" – 2 Decades of Seether "Vigilant when sober" "Villain" "Visions In Bloom" "Visiting Hours" "Vitamin Weed" "Vixen" "Voight-Kampff test" "Voyage" "Vultures" "Vultures" single "WANDERKID" "Wacker Oxidation" "Wait To See" "Wait With Me" "Waiting For The Sun" "Wake Up" "Wake for the Dreaming" "Walk Into The Ocean" "Walk in the Woods" "Walls "Wanderlust" "War Is On Its Way" EP avant garde dance with or without jazz hands "Warhol/Warhola" "Wasteful" "Water For The Frogs" "Water's Fine" "Watermelon" album "Watson Pt 1" "Way It Goes" "Way Out West" "Way Too Soon" "We're Coming Back" "We... are Doomed" album "Wealth Gap" "Wedding Planner" "Weeds of Green" "Weight Of The World" "Weird Feelings" "Weird Waltz" "Weird World" "Welcome to the Pandemic Disco" "Wellness" EP "Werewolf "What Is Hip" "What Kind of Man" "What Remains" EP "What Will They Think About You" "When Can I Be Good?" (Official Super 8 Video) "When I Was" "When I'm Gone" "When It’s Just You & I" EP "When She's High" "When Will We Know" "When You Think It's Right" "When You Turn on the Light" "When the Fog Rolls In" "When the Sun Explodes" "When the World Ends" "Where Do I Begin "Where You Find Me" "Where's My Mind Been?" "While I'm Still Young" "While We're Here" "Whistleblower" "White Jazz" "White Knuckles" "White Tiles" "Whittier" "Who Cares How It Ends" "Who Knew" "Why Do I Always Fail To Win" "Why Don't We Give It A Try?" "Wicked Lullaby" album "Wild Type Droid" "Wildwood" "Windermere" "Windmill" "Wisdom of the Sun" "Wish Untitled" album "Wishing at the Well" "Witch Tree" "Witch's Wall album "With Woman" "Without Reserve" "Without". Los Angeles "Wolf" "Woman of Ur Dreams" "Won't Say" "Woodland Moonlight" (Dork) "World War 8" "Worst Curse" "Would You Like to Know" "Wrap Your Arms "Wreck Beach / Totem Park" "Wrestler" "Wrestling" EP "Wrong Window" "YOUR SEX IS UGLY" "YRWK / DRWK" "Year of Garuda" "Yearning for Vitalists" "Yello House" "Yesterday Is Gone" "Yesterday" "Yndling (Deluxe)" EP "You And I" "You Do You" "You Don't Wanna Know" "You Gotta Hustle" "You Need A Better Mind" "You Really Fucked Me" "You Should Come Sailing" "You Skip My Turn" "You Slept With My Best Friend" "You Think You're Like the Rain" "You feel like cherry syrup / I feel like death warmed up" "You're So Cool" "Young Love" "Your Bike" "Your Love is Pain" "Your New Boyfriend Seems Nice" "Youth Accomplished" "Zero Gravity Instructions" "a gathering of voices "a polite merlot" "american psycho" "amnesia" EP "an amalgamation of depression "bb" "beautiful monotony of existence" "bliss babies" "conceptual feminist narrative" "debut album" "deep sigh" "dream-fi folk" "every dream at once" "expire" "falling apart". "feed me" "for you" "futuristic 60s/70s folk rock and psychedelic pop" "get busy" "god on headphones" "home" "i don't think the u.n. is out to get you / call-in shows" "i have" "i love everything" "i love you on the internet" "in the black" "in yer pocket" "keep a gun by your side but you don't even lover her". "Cool" "lie to me" "lost cause//" "make it visceral" "motorbike" "my silence" "oceanic" "ohno" "open arms" "orbits" "perfection_is_the_enemy_of_beauty" "phosphor" "photograph" "poison in e major" "quiet mind" "reverse" "rho fiera" "sagittarius A" "send nudes" "sick puppy" "sleepless" "so fresh" "so terribly hurt" ft. Molly Parden "something beautiful" "story" "strange Times" "sun" "tell me it isn't too late to bloom" "temporary values cut your soul in two "the MUNNYCAT mixtape" "the same ole bullshit" "the same/sky on fire" "the shadow in me" "there you go again" "there's no such thing as paranoia" "they don't know" "time 4 u" "tragic self love story" "transatlantic flight" (Official Video) "victor bells" "waving grass (to Robby Müller)" "we would have some cute kids." "white summer" "x-rayed Eden" "you dunno" "Ábrete Sésamo" "ナイトクルージング" (Night Cruising) #believewomen #metoo $800 box set & Afterwards" 'A Year at Home' 'Flavour of Labour' 'Keep My Knees Safe II' 'LONESTARDOM' album 'Meditations on Crime' Compilation 'Night Studio: A Memoir of Philip Guston' 'Peaky Blinders' video game 'Promesses' 'The Slow March of Time Flies By' 'half cut" (Live Performance) (Nervous Lovers) (Official Earth Day Video) (Remix by holymountain) (featuring Nxfce) (formerly Crystal Shipsss) (psych rock band Savanna) (razor blade yelps and feral) into a punk vibe .imp 000 streams on Spotify 00_ 1 American 1-10 10 Out of 6 10 year Anniversary 10-year alcoholic spiral 100 100 Onces 100 Watt Horse 100% of the proceeds from this music goes to Bay Area Music Project 11 piece collective 110 favorite songs 2018. indiemusic 12 inch Vinyl 12 song concept album 13 tracks 13//ali_fawn 130 bpm 131 14 year lapse 15 Billion Eyes 16 year old 17 track debut album "b?" 17 year old Megan Bülow 18 piece band 18 plus venues 18 song auditory art project 18 years old 18th Solo studio album 1920's Americana 1940 Stearman Biplane 1940's orchestral pop 1940s 1960's pop 1970's Indie Pop Album? 1977 1980's 1980's heavy rock 1980's pop 1987 198x 1990's iconic sound 1996 1999 1st Base Runner 2 Brits 2 man motorcycle club 2 million Spotify Plays 2 tone flavors 20 20 years active rock band 20's jugband 20/20. yellow pills 2000's 2000's indie rock 2000's rock sound 2000's rock tones 2010 2012 All My Friends Music Festival 2015 debut 2016 Line Up 2016 Presidential Race 2017 reflections 2018 debut album "Bastard Performer" 2019 "Hammam" album 2020 "Precursor" EP 2020 "White Fang" EP. indie rock 2020 "With You" album 2020 EP "Better Good Times" 2020 EP "Mutation Of") 2020 EP "Rumble Pak" 2020 album "La Dolce Vita" 2020 album “Suffocation & Air” 2020 election 2020 full length 2020 single 2020" 2021 2021 EP "Love Circle" 2021 album 2021 album "A Way Forward" 2021 album Vertigo Days 2021 debut album 2021 debut album "Katauna Kata" 2021 single 2022 Album "Songs To Get Weird To" 2022 SWSW 2022 album 2022 album "Always" 21 [F.O.L.] 210 IQ. White Fence 21st Century Failure 22 Years 23 And Beyond The Infinite 25 Hour Convenience Store 26th studio album 2nd album "Yes Regrets" 2nd single off of Drens' debut EP "Pet Peeves" 2nd upcoming album 2pm for breakfast 3 D artist 3 albums 3 camera shoot 3 piece jazz 3 piece pop punk 3 piece rock 3 piece thrasher rock 3 track EP "UDGAF" 3 way split single 3.5 minutes of an almost imperceptibly sad and torn heaven 30's blues 300 310AM 3D 3rd full length 3rd full length double album 4 piece band 4 piece punk 4 piece rock 4 track recording 4 years ago 40's jazz 40's tones 4192022 42 King 4th Street recording 4th album "Seasonal Depression" 4th album Catnyp IIII 4th single of the year 5 dollar comedy show 5 octave vocal range 5 years 50 Best Albums of 2013 50 only cassettes 50's bombsheli 50's doo wop 50's jazz 50's killer movies 50's pop tones 50's rockabilly punk 50's style 50's-90's musical blend 500 submissions 52 Hertz Whale 5th single of 2020 6 piece rock band 6 years in the making 60' pop 60' tones 60's Brit pop 60's / 70's garden rock tones 60's / 70's hard rock 60's / 70's pop rock 60's / 70's tones 60's 70's chamber pop 60's 70's folk 60's 70's pop rock 60's 70's rock 60's 70's tones 60's 90's tones 60's Brit pop melodies 60's Brit pop tones 60's and 70's psyche folk 60's atmospheres 60's chamber pop 60's flavors 60's folk tones 60's guitar pop sounds 60's indie pop 60's influenced 60's infused 60's jam pop 60's pop affectations 60's pop and 90's rock 60's pop tones 60's psyche sounds 60's revival 60's rock and roll 60's rock motifs 60's rock tones 60's soul 60's spooky country vibe 60's surf pop affections 60's tearjerker 60's torch song reality and orchestrated sounds 60's torture pop tones 60's vintage pop 60's wash 64 bit video games 656 6th full length album 6th studio album 7 in single 7 inch 7 piece fusion 7 piece mini orchestra 7 piece rock band 7 subjects 7/8 time signature 70's / 60's classic rock 70's Brit pop 70's Grind House 70's Jazz 70's MOR 70's Motown 70's affections 70's and 80's indie rock 70's avant garde chamber pop 70's classic rock 70's deep pop tones 70's esque pop 70's folk 70's folk indie sounds 70's folk tones 70's garden rock tones 70's metal 70's new wave funk 70's occult rock 70's pop textures 70's post punk tones 70's post rock tones 70's prog rock pop 70's proto punk tones 70's psyche rock 70's psyche rock vibe 70's punk 70's rock affections 70's show 70's smashed pop 70's soul 70's soul pop 70's sound 70's toned 70's tones and textures 70's vintage funk vibe 70's wave 7Mondays 7th full length 8 Inch Betsy 8 Million 8 bit pop 8 bit punk 8 years through the sweatiest dive-bars 8-Bit apocalypse party 80's / 90's dance pop 80's /90's indie tones 80's 90's tones 80's Goth pop dipped in psychedelia 80's affections 80's avant pop 80's college rock 80's dance tones 80's edges 80's esque 80's fantasy pop 80's goth punk 80's goth rock 80's graced new wave 80's horror pop 80's indie rock 80's infected synth tones 80's inspired 80's ish 80's mod punk affections 80's new wave affections 80's pop sensibility 80's post punk tones 80's power pop and new wave tones 80's punk tones 80's rock tones 80's romantic wave 80's sensibilities 80's synth waves 80's synthesizers 80's tone 80's. 90's post rock 808s & Greatest Hits 80s 80s-inspired left-field pop 9 Horses 9 minute indie rock / indie pop. Vancouver 9 piece band 9 piece collaborative indie band 9 piece indie folk group 9 year hiatus 90 post punk 90's R & B 90's aesthetic 90's baroque pop 90's brit pop tones 90's college indie rock 90's college rock radio tones 90's college rock tinged 90's college rock tones 90's dance 90's dream rock 90's folk acoustic strums and tender vocals 90's goth 90's grunge rock 90's grunge tones 90's indie rock 90's kids 90's new wave 90's post art rock 90's post grunge 90's rock sound 90's rock sounds 90's rock tones 90's sound 900 Dreams 911 A Beast A Blind Arcade A Clockwork Orange A Decline in Morality A Doll's House. alt folk A Dream A Hundred Miles to California A Long Time A Moment In Time Album A Moon Shaped Pool A Picture Made A Sun-Filled Room A Thousand Plateaus A View from the Vale A Work Of Reflection in the Age of Mechanical Sentimentalism A case for Vinyl A-F-R-O A. Swayze & the Ghosts A. Vos ABC AC Sapphire ACD. AG Rojas AGAT AHA AJ AJ Lambert AKA Danger Mouse AKA Jess Viscius ALL I See ALT INDIE R&B ALX AMF festival AND GIRLPOOL ANIMA AOI x homieunculus AP Interview AP Radioshow AP Russian Roulette ARLO ATM ATREM AUDISOUP AUS!Funkt AV Club AWAZE AZ Aadams Aarhus Aaron Gibson Aaron Noble Aaron Pautian Aaron Sternick Aaron Tanner Aaron Taos Aaron Zaroulis Aaron and Julia Aaron and Julia- Aayushi Abandoncy Abba Abbreviations Abby Sage Abe Anderson Abe Dialect Abe Vigoda Abhi the Nomad Abjects Above The Moon Abracadabra album Abraham Academic Academy Award winning actor Accordion music and old Swedish songs about suicide Acrobatics Everyday Adam + Attack by Fire Adam Ant Adam Gil Adam Harding Adam Honingford Adam Melchor Adam Porter Adam Scharf Adam Schlesinger Adam Silvestri Adam Sullivan Adam Tarsitano Adam Webster Adam Znaidi Adam+Attack By Fire Adar Alfandari Adelaide Adele emma Adi Feher Adiós Cometa Adler Bloom Adobo Adolescentes Sin Edad Adopted Brothers Adventureland Adventures in the Underground Adélaide Aeris Finch Producer Aeris'87 Aeroplane Aexandria Maillot Afraid of Horses African inspired African rhythms Afro /Swedish After Age of Death album Age of Dinosaurs Album Age of Distraction Age of Reason Ages Agree to Disagree AhaComa Ahmed Mohamed Aidan Belo Aidan Boardman Aidan Tulloch Air Waves Airhead DC Airpark Airships On The Water Aisa Aja Volkman Ajimal Akira Records Akron Aksinia Chervonets Al A. Gore-Reese Al Finch Alabama bred Aladdin Jr Aladdin Sane Aladin Sane Alameda Alan Parsens Project Alastair Donaldson Albany Albatross Albert Baro Albert Kass Album "Director's Cut" Album "Handsome" Album "Systemizer" Album "Volume For". single "Every Day" Album Motion Control Album Primer Album out Album review "The Light of the Sun" Album review - Foster the People Album review- Torches Album ‘The Dark Below & The Isle of Dogs’ Alcopop! Alec Kirkwood Alec Simke Alejandro Jodorowsky Aleksander Waaktaar Alernative Rock Alessi's Ark Alex Casnoff Alex Cooper Alex Cordel Alex Esk Alex Faciane Alex Fox Tschan Alex Greenwald Alex Lahey Alex Moshe Alex Musatov Alex Rand Alex Ridha Alex Schiff Alex Stolze Alex Van Pelt Alex Young Alex the Astronaut Alexa Melo Alexander Donat Alexandria Alexandros Kilias Alexis Farshi Alfavrak Algorhythm Ali (vocals Ali Coyle Ali George Alibi Album Alice Bisi Alice Limoges Alice Temple Alicia & Joe Christenson Alicia and Joe Christenson Alisa Xayalith Alister Fawnwoda Alix Page Aljoscha All Black Live Matter Donation. Bristol All Good Fairtrade Bananas All I Think About Now All I want All Leather All My Friends All My Friends Music Festival All Odds All Of The Times All The Luck In The World All The Queen’s Horses All Them Witches All Things Blue All This Thinking All This Time" All You Need All You Sad Boys All of You Allah Has Allah-Las Allan Fine Allan parsons Allegheny Drive Allegories Allelu Allentown Alley) Alligator attack Allison Meegan and Natlie Closner Allyson Hernandez Allyson Stodola Almost Famous Alone in Deer Park Alpha Wrecks Alphabet City Already Dead Tapes Alt Fiction Alt Right Altar Eagles Alto Key Altopalo Always Thinking Bout It Alyson Van Alzheimer’s Amaka Queenette Amanda Jo Williams Amapiano Amarillo Amazing Amazon Ambient & Drone / Psybient neo classical Ambrosia Amen Dunes American 90's college radio American Dream American French Revolution American Love American Oldies American Pancake Radio show American Pancake Radioshow American Pancake Shotgun American Pancake podcast American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. American Robb American Song Book American Songbook American Soul American Sound American artist American flag American folk music American gothic American living in Brussels Americana pop Amo Amo Among the Acres Amos Nadlersmith Amos the Kid Amsterdam based Amy Douglas Amy Guess Amy Linette An Execution An Triangles Anaheim California Analog aesthetic Ancient Whales Ancoats Manchester Andalusian melodies Anders Andersen Coates Andes and Breath Andrea Andrea & Mud Andrea Di Biase Andreina Byrne Andrew Boles Andrew Deadman Andrew Goldring Andrew Joncas (guitar) Andrew Laite Andrew Schubert Andrew Shepard Andrew Shockley Andrew Smith Andrew Stogel Andrew Thurlow Wood Andrew Waterstripe Andronoids Andrés Arzate Andrés Barlesi Andy Bianculli Andy Clockwise Andy Goitia from Milwaukee Andy Jossi Andy K. Leland Andy McAllister Andy McFarland Andy Shauf Andy Valenti Andy place and the coolheads Ane Diaz Anemic Angel Angel Krotnev and Jerker Österlind Angel Moth Angela Aux Angela Aux. bedroom pop Angela Hernandez Angels and Airwaves Anglo-French duo - Natalie Findlay and Jules Apollinaire Angry Sun Angry letter Animal Collective Animal Hands Animalism Album Animals Animated Film Animation by Gabriela Bran Anjunadeep label Ann'so M Anna B Savage Anna Bulbrook Anna Burch Anna Horvath Anna Nordeen Anna Roenigk Annabel Allum Annalena Fröhlich Annandale Anne Veronica Annie Anniversary Anniversary Edition Anorak Patch Another Song Another Story Another Version Another Way To Lose single Anrea Colburn Ansley Rushing Anson Seabra Anthonie Tonnon Anthony Pedroza Anthropocene Antiseptic Heart Anton Feist Anton Sword Anyone's Ghost Aoi Asahina Apart track Apeman Spaceman Apparat Apparition Apple Aquilo Arab On Radar Arabic Arcade Fire Best Song of 2013 Archer Archie Blu Archie Faulks Arcs Are You Gonna Be Okay Arg0ta Argentina based Ari Blaisdell Ariel Beesley Ariel Levitan Ariel Pink Ariel Sharratt Aristotle Ark White Arkansas Arkansas based Arlo Parks Armaud Arbury Armour Glamour Arni Arni Ehmann Arnold Schwarzenegger Around Here Arrogant Afterglow Arrowleaf Arswain Art & Crafts Art Calkins Art-Rock contemporaries Youth Sector and Tranqua Lite Arthur Artists in (Their) Residence project Arts & Crafts Arts Fishing Club Arun Roberts As Usual EP As We Leave Asaf Avidan & The Mojos Ashton York Ashville Asian American Asian-American Askew art Asleep Assorted Orchids Asthma Choir Astoria Astound Astralingua Astrals Astrologer Asy and Chole Saavedra Asympt Man At Some Point At The Drive In Athanase Athen's Pop Fest Athena single Athens Greece Atlanta based Atlas Orbiter Atoll Blues Atomic Stop Attack on stage Attic Mother Au.Ra. Aubrey Greeley Aubrey Haddard Auckland artist Audacity Hole in the Sky Best Song of 2013 Aude Langlois Audio Cassette Releases Audioslave Audiotree Live Sessions Auma Auramancer Aureate Gloom Aurelia Aurhe Aurora Aurélie Tremblay Aussie Gold Coast Aussie Indie Austell Austin Barone Austin City Limits Music Festival 2014 Austin Danson Austin Justice Coalition (Austin Austin Vos Austin based Australia /UK collective Australia based Australia darkwave Australia's Lucid Hoops Australia-born independent artist Australian Indie folk Australian artist Australian expat Australian punk scene Australians in Berlin Austyn Benyak Autobahn Autocomplete To Win Auza Ava Trilling Avalanche Average Life Complaints Aversions Avert A Gaze Award nominated actor and folk-rock musician Awesome Show Axel Mansoor Ayad Al Adhamy Azealia Banks Azure Album B.C. BABE PUNCH BBC BBC London featured artist BBC Radio 1 BBQ Hague BBQ Haque BBrave BDSM-drenched themes BEST of 2013 so far BF/C BIRTHH BLM BLUES PILLS BNNY RBBT BR-EA-THE BRNDA Baba Ali Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Babe Parade Babel Map Baby Fleas Baby I know Baby Ocho Baby Strange Baby from the Forest BabyJake Bachelor Paradise Back To The City Back-Burner Palace Backseat Vinyl Baco Doente Bad Animal Bad Bikini Bad Bloom Bad Brains Bad Decisions Bad Indians Bad Karaoke Bad Karoke Bad Mother Fuckers Wallet Bad Pop Bad Rabbits Bad Rat? Bad Weather California Bad by Michael Jackson Baer and the Lady Baerd Bahamas Bailey Crone Baklavaa Balkan and Klezmer Ball Pit Witch Balloon Maker Ballot box Baltic rock Balto Bambara Bamberg Bamboo Banah Winn Band On the Hunt album Baneful Town Bangarang Bangkok Bangladeshi Banzai Cliff Barbican Estate Barcelona Barish Firatli and Californiaman Baron & Byrne Barry Wilson Barry Wison Barsuk Baseball Game Basel Basic. Organised Scum Basingstoke (UK) Bass duo Bates Motel Bath Bathe Alone Baton Rouge Battleme Bay Area trio Be Forest Be Real Be Real Official Video Be Strong Be Strong Smoke Less Be bop Deluxe Beach Novels Beach Riot Beachdust Beachwood Coyotes Beachwood Sparks Bear Call Bear Pit Bear the Waves Beard Bates Bears in Hazenmore Bearstance Beatific Beatles-esque moments Beautiful and elegiac Beautiful and powerful like a fire. Beauts Beauty Fades Beauty Pageant Beauty Pill Becky Kessler Bed of Sun Bedouin Soundclash Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop. Dallas Texas Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop. singer-songwriter Bedrooms Beecher's Fault Bees and Enormous Tigers Before After Again Beija Flo Beirut based Belako Belarus Belgian rock Belgium atmospheric Belgium based three piece Belgium's Eyemèr Belize Bell Bell Orchestra Bell Orchestre Bella Venutti Bellflower Belly Of The Beast Belmondo Belmont California Belonging Ben Collins Ben Cooper Ben Corbett Ben Dickson Ben Fletcher Ben Folds Five Ben Ford Ben Godfrey Ben Hooper Ben Jackson Ben Keysaer (bass) Los Angeles Ben Kweller Ben Leiper Ben Morrod Ben Mullen Ben Zaidi Bendigo Bendik Dræge Orvan (bass) Bendik HK Beneath the Burning Bridge Benefit show Benevento Benevolence Album Bengal lancers Benjamin Shapiro Bent Antenna Benzo Beneluxo Berkeley Berklee College of Music Berlin Taxi Berlin music scene Berlin street musicians Berline Berline based Bernie Sanders Beside you Besnard Lakes Best 25 songs of 2014 Best Album of 2020 Best Best of list 2013 Best Coast video Best Coast’s live performances of “Everything Has Changed” and “Different Light.” Best Mann Best Songs of 2013 Best Wishes album Best Years Best album of 2013 Best of 2013 Best of 2015 list Beta Waves Bethany Cosentino Better Than It's Been Betty & The Kid Betty's Desert Flower Inn Between Mountains Between the Moon Bewitched Bible Belt Biff Tannen Big Band Big Blue Sky Big Deal Big Fox Big Jesus Big Quiet Big Rapids Big Room Big Sin Big Soft Punch Big Star Big Wake Bike Thiefs Bikelane Bile Bill Dvorak and Devan Davies-Wood Bill Reiflin as mentor Bill Ryder Jones Billie Van Billy Bardo Billy Corgan 8 hour set Billy Nomates Bin Party Records Biophilia Bird Concerns Bird Concers Bird of Ill Birdman Cult Birds Birds album Birgit Bidder Birmingham (UK) Birmingham Alabama bred Birmingham/Berlin Birthday Birthday Girl Birthdayland Bison Dele Bizarro World Bizou) Black Adidas Black Beach Baby Black Beast Black Books Black Bra Black Country Black DogYellow Morning Black Grapefruit Black Heart Procession Black Hole Bears Black Hole Fusion Black Joe Lewis Black Lillys Black Live Matter Black Lives Matter Black Pine album Black Sand Black Spring Black Suit Youth Black Tooth Blackbirds FC Blackjack Illuminist Records Blackpook Blackpool Blackpool UK Blackrock Blacksheepish Blacktop Queen Blackwater Street Blaede Blaenrhondda Blah Blah Blah Blaire Blake Baldwin Blake Perlman Blanc Cassé Blandlord Blank City Records Blanket Fort Blanketman Blaque Chris