Monday, February 5, 2018

Bird Concerns - "The Monster" - Harmony Infused Indie Rocker about Acceptance

The Monster by L.A. 4 piece garage rocker Bird Concerns bristles with chunky guitars, harmonies and pop sensibilities. Starting as a collaboration between fellow CalArts students Marcus Buser (bass, vox), Travis Meador (guitar, vox), Jake Sucher (guitar, vox) and Cooper Wolken (drums, vox) and inspired by the L.A. art scene, band as diverse as Deerhoof, The Zombies, and The Cure they want to make music rooted in rock traditions. Stir in their Jazz and Classical studies and you have a formidable recipe of indie rock cuts that pull you in.

Of the track The Monster, Buser shares: "The Monster is inspired by my own struggles with depression, anxiety and misplaced guilt. It's a song about learning to accept yourself and in turn give acceptance to others."
Robb Donker

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