Monday, February 5, 2018

Tropical Fuck Storm- "You Let My Tyres Down" Stunningly Coarse

Tropical Fuck Storm is the side project of The Drones. "You Let My Tyres Down" is the single from the upcoming Debut TFS Album (A Laughing Death In Meatspace) dropping on May 4th on Mistletone Records.  It is a crunchy proggy post punk rocker with a heart that is dripping blood. Absolutely LOVE the sound and the dour broken atmosphere that the band creates and of course Gareth Liddiard's cut glass vocals. It blasts on Melbourne's suburban underbelly: "I grew up around her family /and they were such a bunch of losers / anchored only to each other / on a sea of vodka cruisers" 

Gareth Liddiard goes on: "You Let My Tyres Down is basically about the real world, ordinary life and how drab an featureless it seems and they you write it down and you see it's pretty wild. They say that good books make shit movies and shit books make good movies. So if you're depressed and your life resembles a shit book, congratulations."
Robb Donker

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