Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Death by Unga Bunga - New Track: "Soldier"- Chunky Infectious Garage / Proto Punk Sounds

Death by Unga Bunga are a rock band from Moss, Norway whose blistering brand of garage / punk rock (with classic rock tones ala Thin Lizzy even) is supercharged, steeped in retro proto punk sounds and as gleeful as it is badass. Live they have a great time, chew the scenery and frequently break Har Mar Superstar's rule that "you never wear shorts on stage" and why not, they come off like those who break rules, who do not conform to societies rules and who might of been class clowns in the back of the class.

I hope I am not making them sound like a jokey band because their music is not by any stretch a jokey or novelty type of thing. They have been grinding since 2010 making potent garage / punkish music with solid chops and engaging melodies.

The new track Soldier is no exception. Chunky, totally infectious and amid the overmodulated harmonies guitar lines that sputter out low bass embelishments and luscious double lead sticcatto riffs. Listen, go put on some shorts and dance your ass off.

Robb Donker

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