Saturday, April 7, 2018

And Then We Lived Forever - "Vessels" off the goosebumps inducing Tunnel Dreams EP

UK's alternative rock band And Then We Lived Forever are (or were?) a three piece dreamy, power indie rock, art rock outfit made up of folk singer Luke De-Sciscio on guitar/ vox, Gaz Evans (from Sanctimonious Kid, Youlive) on bass and Charlie Pollard (Wallflower, Big Bug) on drums and this band / project / whatever is something so incredibly special. After hearing the track Vessels which led me to the EP it is from entitled "Tunnel Dreams" I am deeply in love with this band / project / whatever. This power group (I hate that phrase) is something truly special and like the experimental Atoms For Peace (Thom Yorke, Flea, Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker and Mauro Refosco) And The We Lived Forever began as projects / dreams and at least with AFP flourished into a touring band. I hope this happens with ATWLF because selfishly I want to see these guys live.

Vessels starts with what sounds like an electric hollow body strummed with urgency and De-Sciscio vocal performance laced with a fair amount of sadness and derision and then both musically and emotionally all hell breaks loose. I love the emotional and musical dynamism here. The passion twisted with counterpoised feelings of pain and anger simultaneously is goosebumps inducing.
Robb Donker


Originally penned as the follow up release to Luke De-Sciscio's critically acclaimed Winter, Spring '15 EP a fortnight locked in the studio with producer Robin Tidy quickly revealed itself to be evolving the tracks into something quite distinct from the melancholic serenity one might expect from a typical De-Sciscio release.
After a quick call to long time friends Charlie Pollard and Gaz Evans 'And Then We Lived Forever' was born.
The EP is built out from the blistering, spine shattering 'Vessels' which after the one minute breakdown deconstructs into a sonic landscape that came to Luke De-Sciscio in a dream the night before the final day recording. Waking from the dream and returning to the studio Luke laid down the vocals which would become iconic in the local circuit.
Despite this attention, 'Tunnel Dream' was only released in physical format however, to celebrate RSD18, it was decided that the trio would rerelease the EP to Spotify and other online stores.
All members are currently heavily in solo projects with Charlie touring the world as drummer for Wallflower, Gaz recording his debut solo length album as Sanctimonious Kid and Luke De-Sciscio set to sing with iconic guitarist Gary Lucas (Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Nick Cave, The Magic Band) at several shows in May 2018.

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