Saturday, August 25, 2018

Comprador- galaxy building on "Flower Parts" from the Double LP - "Downstream"

Some songs feel less like songs and more like sonic environments complete with their own terrain, atmosphere and even stars and planets that orbit in interesting ellipses. This is the case with Comprador's track Flower Parts from their double LP "Downstream" released in May of this year. It is not that Flower Parts is unstructured but the blending of sounds, the dreamy squared piano chords, sustaining guitars, art rock aesthetic, percussive push / pulls, the vocals implanted within the swirl of instruments in a noise rock sort of way (hard to distinguish really until the chorus comes in) makes this track alluring and magnetic. It may cast images both intimate and vast imagery in your brain. At least it does for me. Besides the overall impact of the music, those somewhat hard to discern words are poetic, obtuse and only add more atmosphere, more jagged ledges to the sonic terrain. Loving this and eagerly delving into the album. 
Robb Donker

Press Notes: Comprador is a psych rock quartet in Cincinnati, Ohio. Started by multi-instrumentalist and live drummer/singer Charlie D’Ardenne in 2013, the band includes Brianna Kelly on guitar/keys/voice, Jon Delvaux on guitar & voice, and Corey Waddell on bass. The band released a full-length album entitled ‘Pollinator’ in 2015 via In Store Recordings, as well as self-releasing three EPs. First conceived as a Wipers/Dinosaur Jr. style power trio, the band has recently expanded with the addition of Brianna’s keys, Corey’s slide guitar and Charlie teaching himself to play piano, flute, and bass clarinet, all of which appear on the 2018 Double LP ‘Downstream.’

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