Thursday, September 6, 2018

The pure and pristine art rock / pop psychedelia of Dream Phases and "Clear Skies"

When you listen to Clear Skies by Los Angeles based Dream Phases you suddenly become keenly aware of how many post punk artists dip their toe into the psych-rock milieu and whether it is the shape shifting Ty Segall, the psyche dance pop of Tame Impala, heavy grungy psyche of Wand or the weird noise rock psyche flavor of Black Moth Super Rainbow it is clear that Dream Phases might create (singularly) the most purely wrought psyche rock there is of anyone currently doing this kind of thing. Clear Skies feels so pristine like the psychedelia is pushed through shiny art rock / pop filters. This track is the first single from the upcoming "Clear Skies / Maybe Tomorrow" Split EP.

Robb Donker


Dream Phases started as the long ago bedroom recording project of songwriter Brandon Graham. After spending time developing the sound and being influenced by a host of home recording artists, Brandon passed his demos along to a few select friends, including his brother Shane and long time collaborator Kevin Baudouin. From there, Dream Phases was formed. Sharing a love ranging from noise pop to classic soul to dreamy folk, Dream Phases kicked off their live shows with a residency at Harvard & Stone in January 2017.

Shortly after formation, Dream Phases released their debut EP Maybe Tomorrow, produced by Graham himself and put out on Lolipop Records. Obscure Sound's Mike Mineo called the album, “swaying, hypnotic melodies of vintage psych-folk and rock with a contemporary pop charm.” The March release also marked their first tour including an official showcase at South by Southwest. July saw the band tour as part of the Mad Alchemy Caravan with a host of Los Angeles and San Francisco bands and, most recently, Dream Phases released their latest single 'Easy Love' on Lunar Ruins followed by another tour.

“Dream Phases began home recording again after taking a break after my last band broke up,” Brandon explains. “I was then mostly touring and playing as a sideman, but start accumulating a decent wealth of songs. I recorded at home on my own for about 6 months developing the sound and once it was ready I brought in my friends to form the live band.”

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