Saturday, July 20, 2019

Bachelor Paradise's track "Clark, I'm Sorry" folk infused punk out of Sacramento

Bachelor Paradise emanates from Sacramento, California and their track Clark, I'm Sorry feels like folk infused punk rock, heavy on lyrics and on story. Billy Felix's chews on his words and the chunky, crunchy guitar and vibrant bass and drums moves the story, the song along at a nice clip. This kind of folkster vibe meets punk reminds me of The Babies (Kevin Morby / Cassie Ramone's devastatingly good band) and the raw rock, back alley sound that draws direct lineage from Lou Reed and John Cale. Rounding out the band are Phillip Wingett on drums and Lewis Beck on Bass.

Clark, I'm Sorry is from their album "I Made a List of Real People."

Robb Donker


Bachelor Paradise is a garage rock band from Sacramento, CA. Originally the solo project of Billy Felix, it now includes Phillip Wingett on drums and Lewis Beck on bass. They have drawn comparisons to 60's psych rock, 90's indie rock, and the guy who sings the songs in There's Something About Mary. They like to think they are nice guys. 

Single from the new album "I Made a List of Real People", out July 12th.

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