Saturday, July 20, 2019

Brett Gleason's art rock-esque "The Strong and The Silent" shining through baroque pop filters

The Strong and The Silent peaked my interest instantly, or at least a nano-second, in due to the piercing Moog Synth line that feels at once kind of gothic baroque pop meets space art rock. Coupled with the pounding angular piano chord structure and the heavy down beat / off beat cadence and syncopated breaks all framing New York City's Brett Gleason's strident vocal performance. The song's cagey beats eventually take a breath shifting into a dreamy bridge. I love the tonal change and the melodies wrapped up in synth giving it a glam rock edge . 

The Press notes mention that Gleason's early life in Long Island he was hampered by a speech imdiment which lead to a somewhat isolated childhood and his immersion in the arts and eventually leading to a mastery of a multiple of instruments. Well he is not isloated or quiet anymore. Rock on.

Robb Donker



Brett Gleason is a piano-based alternative songwriter from New York. Both an outspoken bi-polar advocate and out gay artist, Gleason knows what it’s like to live a life of intensity outside the mainstream and his unique music reflects this. Brett' upcoming single 'The Strong & The Silent' is a call for radical vulnerability in the face of digital isolation - out June 7th. His first two albums debuted in the Top 100 of the iTunes Alternative Charts with videos reaching number #1 on MTV Logo’s ‘The Click List’.
From Brooklyn by way of Long Island – 

Brett's early life was hampered by a speech impediment, leading to a solitary childhood immersed in the arts. His struggle to communicate led to a mastery of muliple instruments and a composition degree from the New School. 

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