Friday, August 2, 2019

Chris Pietrangelo's sweet chamber pop track "Even As The Light" stirs past echoes

The everso dreamy and whimsical track Even As The Light by Chris Pietrangelo feels like a 70's chamber pop song when people were a little less fearful of life and of each other. A jaded heart might call the song sticky sweet, something so endearing and naively loving that you might develop diabetes after one listen and, yet, others more pure of heart might get caught up in the stir. The stir of what you might ask?? The stir of young love unencumbered by negativity.

Robb Donker


Chris Pietrangelo began his music career in December of 2012 when he formed his original rock band, Fingertrick, with his brother, Patrick. In 2014, Fingertrick released their first CD, "Wildfire." They followed it up 4 years later with the incredible, "If Requiems Were Record Deals," released in June of 2018.
Besides Fingertrick, Chris has an extensive catalog of original, solo music. His first full-length solo album, "Young On The Run," features Graham Perry of Tucson Simpson. Chris also plays bass, and co-writes with the Memphis-based heavy metal band, Medieval Steel, and has gained extensive overseas touring experience with this band.

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