Sunday, May 18, 2014

We Will Be Lions Due to Drop "Burn Me Like A Disco" on June 17th- (set your watch now!)

We Will Be Lions are a San Francisco based indie outfit that blends a myriad of sounds together from 60's psychedelia and garden rock, to 70's glam and art rock, to 80's new wave, 90's power pop and beyond to form a lush divergent sound. They just finished recording a new single entitled "Burn Me Like A Disco" which amps up their sound even more. It is a heady mix of crashing synths, bottom heavy deep jungle beats, attacking guitar strains and vox that intersperses falsettos with throaty sultry howls. It is so fucking cool and my mind gravitated to some kind of seedy club world with flashes of Bowie, Bryan Ferry, ABC, T-REX, Lennie Kravitz and Prince providing the soundtrack along with We Will Be Lions (of course).

Regrettably I cannot share the track with you until it's official drop in June but here is a look at the cover art.

Rumor has it that "Burn Me Like A Disco" is a first taste of an upcoming album and what a taste it is. If this track is indicative of the tone and quality of this new project it will be a stellar one indeed.

In the mean time check out the video for Sunflower from their 2013 Debut EP - You Will Be Heroes-
Robb Donker

We Will Be Lions Online:

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